Battlefield 1's New Specializations System Detailed, Testing Begins Soon On PC

Here's every Specialization and what it does.

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Battlefield 1 turns a year old in just a few months, but support for the game is far from over. In addition to quite a bit of DLC that's still on the way, other updates are also coming, including a revamp for the Specializations system.

Developer DICE has outlined the new setup for Specializations, which will soon enter testing. The Reddit post emphasizes that all of this is not yet complete, stating, "[T]his is early in the development phase, so we're hoping to get a lot of feedback and opinions."

"Specializations are designed to give players more opportunities and diversity within each kit, not necessarily more power overall," DICE producer Jojje Dalunde explained. "Choices should provide more depth and strategy to gameplay."

Specializations will come in generic and kit-specific versions, with each class having access to seven generic ones and two kit-specific ones. Players will automatically have access to the Flak, Cover, and Quick Regen Specializations, while others will be earned through new Service Assignments. These missions are a new part of the upcoming In the Name of the Tsar expansion and will be detailed "at a later time."

DICE intends to add more Specializations in the future, but here are those that will be available in the first wave:


  • Flak: Incoming damage from explosions is reduced by 15%
  • Cover: Incoming suppression is reduced by 25%
  • Quick Regen: Decrease time before Out of Combat Heal by 20%
  • Quick Unspot: Decrease length of time you are Spotted by 2 seconds
  • Bayonet Training: Bayonet charge lasts longer and recovers more quickly
  • Hasty Retreat: Increase your maximum sprint speed by 10% whilst you are Suppressed
  • Camouflage: When moving slowly or stationary you are invisible to Spot Flares


  • Juggernaut: Your Gas Mask also reduces explosive damage by 15% (does stack)
  • Controlled Demolition: TNT is now detonated sequentially


  • Stimulant Syringe: Reviving an ally give you both a 20% sprint speed for 8 seconds (Does not stack)
  • Concealed Rescue: Downed Squad Mates within 20m drop smoke to cover their revival (40s cooldown)


  • Unbreakable: Incoming suppression is reduced by 75% when your Bipod is deployed
  • Pin Down: The Duration an enemy remains spotted is extended via Suppression


  • Scapegoat: A decoy is automatically deployed when struck below 35 health by a distant enemy (30s cooldown)
  • Perimeter Alarm: When your Trip Mine is triggered enemies within 15m are marked on the mini-map

This new Specializations system will be available to try out on the PC version's Community Test Environment sometime soon. Because of "different release requirements for consoles," PS4 and Xbox One players won't be able to this out right away despite the recent launch of the CTE on consoles.

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