Battlefield 1's New 5v5 Incursions Mode Unveiled, Alpha Sign-Ups Now Available

An alpha test begins in September.

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DICE has provided the first details about Battlefield 1's new mode, Incursions. This is a competitive-focused mode, and certain players will have a chance to try it out quite soon.

Incursions mode features 5v5 matches and "fast, strategic gameplay." Despite the low player count, vehicles are present, though it sounds as if they not be quite as commonplace as in standard matches. One major change is a draft system used to select your kit before a match begins, which places additional emphasis on teamwork and coordination.

DICE intends for Incursions to be particularly fun to watch. This will be accomplished in part through changes to the scoring system "where every point matters." Specific details regarding these adjustments were not shared. A brief video of the mode was shared during EA's Gamescom stream today; we'll bring that to you once it's available.

Ahead of its official release, an alpha test for Incursions will begin in September. Those interested in participating can sign up for it on Battlefield's official website right now. It will provide access to eight kits (Trench Surgeon, Control Leader, AT Assault, Battle Mechanic, Mortar Support, Raid Leader, Shock Assault, Proximity Recon) on a modified version of the Giant's Shadow map. Better weapons and abilities can be access by ranking up, which factors in a "combination of time and performance."

If you haven't already purchased Battlefield 1, EA has announced a new version of the game called Battlefield 1: Revolution. This is essentially a Game of the Year edition-style release, packaging the base game with its Premium Pass. EA also released the first map from the next DLC, In the Name of the Tsar, and provided more details about it.

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I cant wait! The only thing I like about Hardline was the 5v5 mode. This will be a fun change of pace from the big war.

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Battlefield.. 5v5? In Battlefield? Am I playing correct game? Cuz I bought this for 64players all out war battles, no?

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Sounds interesting