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Battlefield 1's Battlepacks and Crafting System Explained

Items can be turned into Scrap to buy more Battlepacks.


Among the existing systems that Battlefield 1 changes are Battlepacks, the in-game loot boxes that have traditionally offered things like weapon mods and XP boosts. Developer DICE today detailed how things are being adjusted.

Battlepacks are being simplified to a degree. There's now only a single type--a plain old Battlepack--you'll earn by playing. Each one provides a guaranteed weapon skin and has a chance to also unlock an XP boost or a melee puzzle piece. Collecting enough of these pieces allows you to essentially craft the melee weapon in question, making it usable in-game.

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Unlike in prior games, items aren't restricted to a certain level of Battlepack (which were previously divided into Bronze, Silver, and Gold-tier ones). Weapon skins or bonus items you're not interested in can be broken down into Scrap, a currency you can use to buy more Battlepacks, including Enhanced and Superior versions. These Battlepacks can only be purchased with Scrap and guarantee you'll receive higher-rarity weapon skins. In other words, destroying things you don't want gives you a better chance to unlock weapon skins you'd otherwise be less likely to earn through a standard Battlepack.

The selection of items available through Battlepacks will rotate on a "regular basis," though DICE didn't specify how often that would be. You're free to save up Scrap earned from one set of Battlepack items to spend in the hopes of getting skins in subsequent rotations.

Battlefield 1 launches on October 21, though the first of two early access periods began today (one day sooner than expected). DICE and EA continue to share new details, most recently announcing weekly challenges and a way to earn a special weapon skin and dog tag by playing the previous games.

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