Battlefield 1942 PC free on Origin

Electronic Arts giving away copies of 2002 shooter through proprietary download hub; Battlefield 3 Premium hits 2 million members, Battlefield 3 sales rise to 17 million.


Battlefield 3

In celebration of the Battlefield franchise's tenth anniversary, Electronic Arts is making its 2002 PC shooter Battlefield 1942 free for all. Gamers can pick up the gratis game through Origin today.

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EA also has announced that its $50 Battlefield 3 Premium offering has surpassed 2 million members worldwide, driving $100 million in digital revenue. The content pack includes five expansions, new weapons and vehicles, and game modes.

EA further claims that Battlefield 3 boasts 5.2 million "active" players per month. However, the company did not specify how it qualifies the term "active."

Lastly, EA updated life-to-date sales for Battlefield 3. Since launch in October 2011, the game has sold 17 million copies, and is EA's fastest selling title in its history.

The next expansion for Battlefield 3 is Aftermath, which launches November 27 for PlayStation 3 Battlefield 3 Premium subscribers. The content arrives for Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 Premium members December 4, with releases later in the month for all players.

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