Battlefield 1942 mods made mo' beta

New toolkit available for testing by new and veteran game modders.


Battlefield 1942 modders got a new weapon in their toolkit today when developer Digital Illusions opened its Mod Development Toolkit v0.9a beta up for testing. Available to GameSpot readers from the link below, the toolkit offers players of the World War II shoot-'em-up a variety of new features, including:

  • Menu Editor
  • Animation Import/Export Tool
  • Sound Script Editor
  • Standard Mesh Import/Export Tool
  • Skeleton & Skin Import/Export Tool
The new toolkit also features a plethora of tutorials for those new to the game modding game with instruction on how to construct new vehicles and weapons, as well as editing BF1942 textures, models, trees, and weapons. When v1.0 of the toolkit is finished, it will offer GMAX Support.

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