Battlefield 1942 1.3 patch released

EA releases a version 1.3 update for its multiplayer shooter that adds new weapon models and animations and improves network performance.


Electronic Arts has released a patch that will bring Battlefield 1942 up to version 1.3. The patch includes some technical changes, including optimizations for network performance and a fix for SoundBlaster Live cards on Windows XP and 2000 systems. The patch also includes some new content, notably improved firing animations in the first-person view for the STG44, BAR 1918, MP18, and MP40 weapons as well as new weapon models for the STG44 and BAR 1918. The single-player AI has also seen some improvements, and bots will now prioritize their targets more appropriately.

GameSpot Complete members can download the 47MB file from the link below. More information is also available on the official Web site.

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