Battlefield 1: Turning Tides DLC Maps And Weapons Launch Soon On CTE

New Battlefield content arrives on the Community Test Environment this week.


Ahead of its imminent release on the Community Test Environment, DICE has provided a look at some new Battlefield 1 content. This comes from the game's next expansion, Turning Tides, and you can check it out in the video above.

One of the major components of what we got to see are two new maps: Cape Helles and Achi Baba. However, these maps are still in development; DICE has taken the unusual path of showing off white-box versions that don't yet have their final textures in place. That means you're seeing these maps in an early, unfinished state; you can expect the final releases in December to look nicer.

Camp Helles
Camp Helles
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In the video, you'll see some standard Conquest action as well as a new mode that returns from earlier in the series. In Conquest Assault, one team starts the round holding every point on the map; the enemy team attempts to make its way through to the last point before exhausting its supply of 250 tickets. Because the defending team doesn't have a headquarters, players on that side are only able to respawn on their teammates if they lose all of their capture points. If all members of the team die, the attacking team wins.

Turning Tides also of course includes new weapons--six guns and three melee weapons--a selection of which you can see in the video. The Assault kit gets the C96 Trench and M12P16, Medic gets the Farquhar-Hill (with range and stability variants), Support gets the Brownin GM1917 (also with a telescopic variant), and Recon gets the Arisaka and Carcano. There's also the new Breech gun Flak option for Assault players that is ideal for taking down airplanes, though it works just fine on enemy infantry, too.

Turning Tides is slated for an initial release sometime this December. It will also include two new vehicles (the L-Class Destroyer and L-Class Airship), a new Elite class (the Infiltrator), a new Operation (Gallipoli), and new specializations, service assignments, and unlocks. All of this, as well as the two CTE maps and all of the weapons above will be out in December. A month later, we'll get two more maps (Heligoland Bight and Zeebrugge) and a new faction, the British Royal Marines.

Prior to any of this, those willing to wade into the CTE can check out a select portion of its content beginning today, October 17. Turning Tides is the third major DLC pack for Battlefield 1 to date, with the Apocalypse DLC still to come in "early" 2018. In the meantime, you can put the latest Battlefield 1 update through its paces, which was released last week, and the Turning Tides concept art below.

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