Battlefield 1 Single-Player Campaign Embraces Series' Open Sandboxes

The single-player will feature "much more choice and variety than [it's] done before."


Battlefield's campaigns have mostly been set in tight corridors with close-quarters combat, lacking the openness and variety that the multiplayer provides. That doesn't seem to be the case with the newly announced Battlefield 1, however, as lead designer Danny Berlin told GameSpot at an event that the campaign "will more accurately reflect Battlefield's open sandboxes."

Berlin continued, saying DICE's World War I game will feature "much more choice and variety than [it's] done before." He also said the upcoming Battlefield's story will be about a multifarious group of people "dealing with the changing world in their own ways," and it'll allow players to take various, more open approaches.

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There hasn't been much else revealed about the single-player, but it's worth noting that Berlin mentioned places like the Italian Alps and the deserts of Arabia when talking about the game's multiplayer, so it's possible we may see those locales and more in the campaign.

Additionally, the Battlefield 1 multiplayer will feature newer technology than you think. It continues the Battlefield land-air-and-sea gameplay with swords and battleships, but you'll also see automatic rifles and tanks.

"There's this common misconception that World War I was just muskets or something," Berlin laughed. "But it wasn't. It was a time of new weapons--bolt-action rifles, automatic rifles, semi-automatic rifles. The freedom we have is massive."

Players who subscribe to EA and Origin Access on Xbox One and PC will get the chance to play a trial version of Battlefield 1 starting on October 18. The full game releases three days later for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 21.

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no hope in EA...

only SIX missions! that's like 3-4 hours campaign, possibly even less if you rush things


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I'm finally excited again about these shitty, multiplayer war games that they've been churning out for the just-out-of-puberty crowd that treat jumping around the battlefield like an actual battle technique. Use to play BF 1942 constantly, then they graduated to modern warfare and destroyed the series. Played the beta of BF1, really nice.

"There's this common misconception that World War I was just muskets or something"

Really? A misconception with whom? The same just-out-of-puberty crowd that have been playing the terrible COD and BF series that we've seen over the past decade? I'd love to know who this misconception is "common" with.

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If this finally has coop I'm in

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I really hope for the sake of immersion they fix the bullet penetration or at least make it more realistic. Annoyed when a window stops my bullet dead in its tracks

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Sounds a bit like this could be DICE's sneaky remake of Codename Eagle in disguise... and that can only be a good thing. Especially if they bring back the No Man's Land map!

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There goes that crowdfunded Battalion game down the drain.

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@Navardo95: pretty much haha. I'll still get it though to support good ideas

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Now truly Battlefield

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If the 80$ deluxe edition includes the season pass, which means it is 20 dollars cheaper, then Dice completely destroyed their competition, Activision this year.

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Looks like they are redeeming themselves after the whole Hardline thing. They should have done a BC2 remaster to go along with this, now that is a package I would buy.

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RIP Activision. You stand no chance. Unless you remaster Cod 4, MW2, WaW and Black Ops 1.

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@veteran_alpha: Not a fan of the COD franchise at all, but even I know Infinite Warfare will sell like hotcakes. Dare I say tenfold over this game. Battlefield doesn't appeal to as many people, no matter how they change it. That said, I am a big fan of the series so I hope it sells very well.

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Damn the trailer looked awesome i can't wait to play it this year and whats better can get it early due to EA access.I don't care much for the World War I setting but it's Battlefield so it will be awesome either way.It would be nice to have a co-op campaign though i hope dice makes it happen

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Activision only chance is to sell CoD4:Remastered separately.

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And will show more likes on Youtube for the trailer than Infinite Warfare's dislikes. Spin that Activision.