Battlefield 1 Intro Cinematics Show Life Before and During the War

The intro cinematics set up two of Battlefield 1's single-player missions.


Battlefield 1's single-player campaign will consist of five War Stories, and we got our first look at one of these stories' intro cinematic this past weekend at TwitchCon. You can watch it below.

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The video contains two scenes. The first kicks off the "Through Mud and Blood" campaign, which puts you in the shoes of a tank crew member. The cinematic shows the driver character, sitting in a luxurious car presumably before the war. It then flashes forward or backward to the war, where the driver is taken to the tank and introduced to the crew. Watch it for yourself below.

The second scene in the video above was originally released by Westie. It shows a soldier in bed before awakening in the midst of battle. It plays before the Storm of Steel mission in "Through Mud and Blood." You can watch 12 minutes of gameplay from that mission here.

Battlefield 1 releases October 21 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but you can play a portion of the game even earlier than that if you're an EA/Origin Access member. Additionally, you can gain three-day early access with the $80 special edition. Last week, EA released a trailer for its single-player campaign that gave us a look at the single-player stories of five different characters. Another short clip was recently released that teased a battle against the Ottoman Empire.

Developer DICE explained that featuring multiple playable characters helps the game's immersion and respects the setting better than having "one character hopping through those different" places around the world.

"[W]e decided on an anthology format; a set of characters with their own more focused stories," the developer explained. "That way we can have immersion and variety--a double win."

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