Battlefield 1: Here Are All the New Features That Could Come to Rented Servers

Do you rent a server? A lot of new features and options could be coming your way.


Battlefield 1 developer DICE has outlined the features it might add to the World War I shooter's rent-a-server feature in the future. The developer listed these off in a blog post, beginning with a separate admin control panel that players can use to kick/ban players and form VIP lists, among other things.

The Kick/Ban tab will show a list of all players on a server; from there you'll have the option to take action against them. Once a player is banned, they are put into a list of banned players, and you can choose to lift it later.

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The VIP list is a list of players who get priority when there is a server queue. One example DICE provided was if you run a clan and members pitch in for the server cost, you can designate them as VIPs.

Another new feature DICE is thnking about is password-protected servers. The downside here is that it makes servers unranked, so no one would receive any experience or progression, though all equipment is available.

Here is a rundown of some of the new settings DICE is considering as well for rent-a-server, with descriptions written by DICE:

Squad Leader Spawn Only

  • A popular setting from previous titles. We are looking to add this in a future update so server admins can set this on their server.

Behemoth On/Off toggle

  • A new setting for admins where they can turn off the Behemoth from spawning on their servers.

Whole Magazine Reload

  • A setting from previous Hardcore versions. Admins will have access to turn it on or off on their servers.

Also in the blog post, DICE said it's considering redesigning the Battlefield 1 server browser. Right now, it doesn't do enough to highlight rented servers, DICE admitted.

"In an effort to address this, we are looking into giving all rented servers priority in the server browser. This means that rented servers will always be displayed at the top of the server browser," DICE explained.

Finally, DICE teased that there are "other functions" that the studio is considering that it's "not ready to talk about just yet." We'll report back when more details are made available.

In other Battlefield 1 news, DICE this week released some concept art for the game's first expansion, They Shall Not Pass, which comes out in March 2017--check out all the images here.

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Just bring back the hardcore features like they were on BF4 before that new UI. I cant even find a decent hardcore match on BF4 anymore. Nothing worse than emptying my mag into someones face to have them duck and cover a regen health.

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So they announce all the upcoming features, and they're still missing a bunch of features.

Hey DICE, how about the ability to choose the complete map rotation, instead of only letting people pick between 6 maps? Furthermore, why weren't these features here at launch? I've been keeping up on rental server news since the game launched, and thought by now (December) our highly requested features would've arrived

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Right look, the least of their worries right now are rented servers. Their worries now, are having people stick with this game for the next two years, and at this point that's short of impossible (as compared to their past BF games). The engineering on the game just doesn't work.

They went for smaller maps for quick COD like run and gun like gameplay. Probably to have assured players WW1 could be 'fun".

The problem is, they don't have the quick spawn COD has (or Battlefront for that matter), and when people are dying all the time simply for spawning, they get frustrated and stop playing.

The problem is it's spammed with snipers, but only because they're very effective on smaller maps, where players are just fish in a barrel. The maps are simply too small for the amount of players.

The answer to that problem ultimately is, come out with an additional Conquest Mode with smaller amounts of players (you'd be surprised how much better Conquest could be 15 v 15 if you played it that way), and add Standard Issue Rifles to all classes (non scoped rifles), and no vehicles on those modes, or at least a minut amount.

It would give those an outlet for those who miss last gen like gameplay, when the games were at it's pinnacle.

But 62, or even 40 players is too much for this game, or people are going to get frustrated to death. It's the biggest complaint i hear from friends who bought the game, and gave up on it.

It's like a reminder of Medal of Honor 2010, where the game failed due to mainly the same reasons, and in that, ended the series. So DICE really needs to be cognizant of these realities.

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@jagdedge124: Git gud

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I was able to "git" my money back lol, and that's what people will continue to do until they fix the game. The fact Infinite Warfail is beating this in sales, is sad. So, DICE better git with it.

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@jagdedge124: Good, I'm glad you did.

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Yeah they should give rented servers priority. Last time I rented one battlefield 3 server would sit empty all the time for days unless my clan and friends got the server going it would always be empty and it would take 3-4 hours to get it full. Big waste of money never again.

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Screw rented servers, I'm not gonna sit there and wait 4 the noob host to put all high levels on his side and the low ones on the other. Or 2 kick you when you are owning his team 2 much.

Same problems, different BF

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Now this game its dead to me, glad I that I never got the premium so If I have to sell the game.

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"The developer listed these off in a blog post, beginning with a separate admin control panel that players can use to kick/ban players..."

Wow, so they're finally adding the absolute basic features that admins should have had the beginning? GJ DICE. Maybe they'll allow you to change the map rotation. Such innovation!

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@asneakypoptart: yeah I am always amazed how dice is able to remove features of a previous generation then you have to wait 3-4 months to add it in the newest version of the game. Only Dice LOL