Battlefield 1 Has a Palm-Sized Pistol, See It in Action Here

It's not very powerful, apparently.


With Battlefield 1 now playable on Xbox One and PC, it's been discovered that the World War I shooter features the tiny Kolibri pistol.

It's the smallest production pistol in the world, according to Popular Mechanics. Only about 1,000 of the weapons were made, produced between 1910 and the start of World War I in 1914. Kolibri is German for "hummingbird." Click play in the Jackfrags video below (via IGN) to see it in action in Battlefield 1.

The Kolibri pistol in real life fires an extremely small three-grain bullet, traveling 650 feet per second. It's not very powerful, but can still take down an enemy. Jackfrags doesn't take down an enemy with the weapon in the video, but inflicts enough damage for a teammate to easily scoop up the kill.

It's not immediately clear how to unlock the Kolibri pistol in Battlefield 1. What is clear is how strange the tiny pistol looks in your hand in Battlefield 1. The reloading animation sequences really stand out.

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Battlefield 1 is playable right now on Xbox One and PC for people who subscribe to EA/Origin Access. The Play First Trial, as it's called, contains a sampling of the shooter's single-player and multiplayer modes.

People who buy the $80 Early Enlister edition can start playing on October 18. This package, which also includes DLC, is offered on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

In other Battlefield 1 news, DICE has announced weekly challenges and a way to earn a special weapon skin and dog tag by playing the previous games. Additionally, the developer has explained how Battlefield 1's Battlepacks and crafting system work.

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Shame Level: Kolibri>>>>>>>>>>>Tbag

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idk if it can take down anyone in real life unless its a eye shot

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Aw, that's adorable

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Really? This is just silly.

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Reloading it looks cute.

But would someone really run around with something like that, held between two fingers, in a war like that ?

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Don't forget to always extend the pinkie when firing your tiny pistol.

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I love battlefield games, but dont know why this onde didnt catch me up in the beta

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Who cares the min pistol, I thought jackfrags commentary was more interesting

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Mini pistol only matches ftw

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Funny XD

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kinda funny to fight one of the bloodiest wars in history against ancient tanks and planes solely armed by that microscopic gun.... it's kinda ridiculous who would be crazy enough to do that....

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but why..

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@jessie82: Cause pew pew

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@iamrafy: Cause pewdiepie.

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"It's not clear on how to unlock it," Maybe if you don't do any actual journalism.

"In the full game, reach Rank 10 with Scout.

Rank 10 with Support unlocks the C93, and Rank 10 with Assault unlocks the No. 3 Revolver."