Battlefield 1 Getting Monthly Updates, New DLC Concept Art Released

DICE confirms Platoons are coming to the game soon.


The future of Battlefield 1 is coming into focus. In a blog post titled "The Road Ahead for Battlefield 1," DICE talked about some of what's coming to the World War I shooter and more.

First, the developer confirmed the game will get monthly updates. Previous entries in the series have instead opted for seasonal updates, so around four major ones per year. "Considering all we have in store for Battlefield 1, we've decided to move to monthly updates," DICE said. "With this new tempo, we're going to bring you more of what you want, faster than ever."

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The next major update for Battlefield 1, the Spring Update, will add Platoons as a new feature. As its name suggests, Platoons let you join up with friends to form a unit. That's all we know for now, but DICE says more details are coming.

An update scheduled for May will help make Battlefield 1 "as frictionless as possible," DICE said.

"This includes streamlining the flow into matches (especially Operations) and improving many gameplay grievances that will hopefully make the action feel more balanced and fair," the studio explained. "The development team is also working on a feature update to the Battlefield 1 Rent-a-Server Program which we hope to release soon."

The other part of DICE's blog post today focused on Battlefield 1's three upcoming expansions: In the Name of the Tsar, Turning Tides, and Apocalypse. We already knew about these, but DICE published some new concept art, which you can see embedded above, and official descriptions (see them here).

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