Battlefield 1 Does Something Very Cool With a Bird [SPOILERS]

The World War I shooter's tank chapter has one pretty interesting sequence.


This post contains some Battlefield 1 single-player spoilers

With Battlefield 1's Play First Trial now available on Xbox One and PC, it's been discovered that one of the single-player campaign chapters lets you play as a pigeon for a brief moment.

This happens in the tank-centric "Through Mud and Blood Mission." After things go badly, you and your squadmates are pinned down inside your tank. As last ditch effort, your commanding officer instructs you--against the wishes of others--to release a carrier pigeon to call in backup.

What happens next is pretty cool. You become the pigeon and are tasked with delivering the message. You can control the bird, looking down on the bleak scene below. Here's an image I took during my playthrough:

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You can see the sequence in action in this YouTube video from Platform32. The pigeon part starts at around 42 minutes.

Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V also lets you become a bird, but you have to eat a hallucinogenic peyote plant to do that.

The Battlefield Play First Trial also includes the new "War Pigeons" mode. According to DICE, dogs and pigeons were used to deliver messages during World War I.

"In the War Pigeons game mode the opposing sides compete to use messenger pigeons to call in artillery barrages on the enemy," reads a line from its official description. "When the game starts, a pigeon coop with a messenger pigeon is placed somewhere on the map. Locate the pigeon before the enemy and carry it to a safe location out in the open. There you prepare a message and send it off, calling for artillery support. Once a message is successfully sent an artillery barrage will strike the enemy."

Battlefield 1 is playable right now on Xbox One and PC for people who subscribe to EA/Origin Access. The 10-hour trial contains a sampling of the shooter's single-player and multiplayer modes.

People who buy the $80 Early Enlister edition can start playing on October 18. This package, which also includes DLC, is offered on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

We also recently learned that Battlefield 1 features one of history's tiniest guns. Battlefield 1 launches in full on October 21.

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