Battlefield 1 Collector's Edition Available For Cheap--But There's A Catch

Game sold separately.

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Woot is running a pretty great sale at the moment. It's selling Battlefield 1's Collector's Edition for $13, which sounds like a great deal. And it is, but there's a slight catch: it doesn't come with the game.

That could actually be a good thing, since most people who are big enough fans to want the collector's edition would probably already have the game. Also, that makes this edition platform-agnostic, so it doesn't matter whether you do your gaming on PS4, Xbox One, or PC. But if you want to add some Battlefield 1-themed physical goodies to your bookshelf, now's your chance to get it at a big discount.

The set comes with a 14-inch statue of the character from the game's cover, as well as a deck of playing cards, cloth poster, patch, and a steelbook case (for the game that's not included). You also get a messenger pigeon tube, in case you want to train some birds like a maester in Game of Thrones.

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Swing by Woot's website to get in on the action. In other collector's edition news, you can still get Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Collector's Edition for $35 on PS4 or Xbox One from GameStop.

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