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Battlefield 1: Can You Drive the Train?

It supports up to six players, who can fire turret guns as someone else drives.


With the Battlefield 1 open beta scheduled to begin next week, you might be wondering if you'll be able to drive the armored train that was featured in the newest gameplay trailer.

Developer DICE has now confirmed that you can, though only on the tracks of course. Not only that, but the developer explained on Twitter that up to six people can be in the train at once, including the driver. The train is a "Behemoth" vehicle in Battlefield 1 and it's deadly and powerful. Players can fire weapons like turret guns as it moves, while anyone caught on the train tracks is unlikely to survive.

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Now Playing: Battlefield 1 - Armored Train Behemoth from Gamescom 2016

Another Behemoth vehicle in Battlefield 1 is the zeppelin airship, which is also pilotable. Behemoth vehicles in Battlefield 1 are very powerful and can turn the tide of battle if used properly.

Players can check out the armored train for themselves during the Battlefield 1 beta, which is set on the Sinai Desert map seen in the video above. This map, and all others in Battlefield 1, also features dynamic weather. You can read this post to learn more about how weather will affect gameplay.

The Battlefield 1 beta begins on August 31 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, though Battlefield Insiders can play early. The full game launches on October 21, but there are multiple ways to jump in before that.

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