Battlefield 1 Beta File Size Reportedly Revealed

The beta begins in one week.


With the Battlefield 1 open beta scheduled to begin in just a few more days, the client has apparently appeared on the Xbox Store. While you of course can't play it, we do learn the Xbox One file size: 6.2 GB.

This information comes from Battlefield fan site Battlefield Bulletin. You can see the Battlefield 1 open beta product page in the tweet below.

The product page for the Battlefield 1 beta does not yet appear to be available on all Xbox One systems, as GameSpot's search for it this morning yielded no results. It's also not listed yet on Origin or the PlayStation Store. We'll report back with new details on the Battlefield 1 beta as they become available.

Everyone can start playing, on all platforms, beginning on August 31. If you're a Battlefield Insider who signed up before August 21, you will be able to play early.

The Battlefield 1 beta takes place on the Sinai Desert map, which supports up to 64 players and features horses and a deadly armored train, as well as dynamic weather. You can read more about the Sinai Desert map through GameSpot's previous coverage.

Battlefield 1 launches on October 21, though you can play early if you're willing to pay more. In other news about the game, we recently learned all about its $50 DLC pass and what it comes with.

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Cant wait for this! Still play BF4 on the One everyday, runs great. Heres hoping the new title runs even smoother!

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Why would you put the beta start on Wednesday :'(

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@rosinmonkekyx17: Was thinking that myself, lots of people have school and/or work on those days and are possibly going to miss out.

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Seriously? Nice! Half as much as TF2!

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Does anyone know if EA sells any Origin-Only title through another Digital Distributor? (Not a CD-Key site, a legit Digital Distributor not associated with EA) I want to buy some Origin games, but I can't do so until EA shows it can respect an open market.

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cant wait to snipe horses from a ledge.

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Looking forward to check how this 64 player maps will run on my Xbox one. In BF4 many of the 64 player maps run sluggish. Hope this one runs smooth.

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Just read the Premium pass contents for BF1

What I don't understand is why AMERICA is a starting faction but FRANCE and RUSSIA (Two of the biggest contributors in the war) are locked behind DLC

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@rosinmonkekyx17: It's completed content that has been hand picked to be stripped out and sold separately for more rather than with the main game as they realise year after year that idiots are willing to pay for it.

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@rosinmonkekyx17: Probably related to the fact that the US is a huge market, the game is produced by an American publisher, and the game series has always had a focus on the American military.

I imagine if this game were produced by Russia, they would more than likely have Russia as a starting faction.

Why any factions are locked behind DLC, though, I am not sure.

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@autumnvarela: Yep, they have to please the American audience

The factions locked behind DLC is BS though...

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@autumnvarela: It probably is also related to the size of the related content. the France and Russia Factions are most likely "smaller" content wise than the American faction. It wouldn't make too much sense if the game led with the smaller pieces of content and gated the big piece of content

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So I'm going to make an estimate on the full game

Around 20-30GB

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@rosinmonkekyx17: Hell no. Probs like 40-50gb. Halo 5 is like 55gb.

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@rosinmonkekyx17: I think it will be bigger because of hi-res 40

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it cant be the full game......

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Well, NYG X-2 is over. Here's the aftermath.

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I'm erect. I need the beta now.

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@ThatGamerGuy123: I am also erect and I am also a Guy that enjoys games 🙌🏻

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Come to me Mr Battlefield!

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I played the alpha it was great the guns take some time to get the bullet drop. Also I wish dice would say if your answer insider that that will get a release date for the Beta all they state is you will be able to play August 31

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Not bad! 6.2 GB will download pretty fast for me. I hope the full game is not like halo 5, I barely picked it up last weekend and it needed to download almost 100 GB -.-. I need to get a damn external for my One lol.

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@airwreckcee21: in fairness Halo 5 gets updated quite regularly, 343 have added loads to Halo 5

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@airwreckcee21: I was in the same boat as you man... finally gave in and got a 5TB monster that looks really sleek paired with the xbox's overall squar a$$ desgin that I dont mind much

See link below:

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Can't fkn wait!!!

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Can't believe I'm going to miss this because my cheap ass university won't fix the wired Internet

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@vh0515: Direct Ethernet hook ups to an OC-8 line was probably the main thing I was excited about going to college for. I'm an old man, so when I was a young gamer there was no such thing as CableModems. We had 14.4BPS modems that could download an entire floppy disc (1.44mb) in 15mins, and that was considered pretty fast! At those speeds it took pretty much an entire day to download a game. And pray you didn't have an error or get bumped off.

You kids don't know how easy ya'll got it. :/

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@vh0515: All college campuses besides the library have terrible wifi/slow internet unless you play your console really late at around 2-7am. That's when everyone is sleeping. Played tons of MW2 and Black Ops as an undergrad.

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@sonypony4eva: No I legit can't connect to to wifi with a console unless it's wired. And the wired doesn't work in the building I'm in. The only way it would is if the hall gov sent in a complaint. There isn't a hall gov yet

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@vh0515: this is when you wish they had not built in the wifi.....the old 360 was awesome as i could take a 15 foot USB cord and add it to the wifi adapter......after that i modded mine to take a 9db antenna.....i could get internet on my 360 almost a half mile away with a parabolic reflector on the antenna.......if your good with modding things you can add a pig tail to the wifi on you one and then add a real antenna.....