Battlefield 1 Beta Early Access Timing Revealed

One day early for Battlefield Insiders.


One of the benefits of signing up for EA's free Battlefield Insider service was early access to Battlefield 1's upcoming beta. It wasn't specified how much sooner Insiders would get to play, but now we know.

Writing on Twitter, the Battlefield account revealed that Insiders can jump in one day early, starting on August 30 instead of August 31. The important thing to note is that you needed to have signed up for the Battlefield Insider program by August 21 and selected your platform of choice to get the early access code. This code will be delivered by email, but it doesn't appear that EA has sent them out yet.

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We also don't know if pre-loading will be available; a recent report claimed the beta client's file size is more than 6 GB. Another thing to note is the open beta is available to everyone; no code required.

Though we now know when Battlefield 1's beta will begin, EA has yet to confirm when it will end.

You may have to wait until next week to play Battlefield 1's beta, but a beta for another EA-published game, Titanfall 2, kicks off later today. Check out this post to find out exactly when it starts and how to get in.

Battlefield 1 comes out on October 21, while Titanfall 2 lands on October 28. EA has said it doesn't have cannibalization concerns because the shooter market is so massive and each game is different.

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This is gonna be good.

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It's only 1 day, but really it only took a couple of clicks to obtain that extra day.

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Map looks like Silk Road for BF4.

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EA is a dick headed company but man do they make polished and great Battlefield games including Battlefront always has the best sound and very believable and realistic feeling/looking gameplay..I don't give a shit about them but as long as they put out games of quality and polish and fun, I'm buying them..they just better minimize or eliminate that damn DLC bullshit...

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@clay544888: Yeah, Battlefield 4 is awesome. But IMO, Battlefront 2015 and BF: HL, were really disappointing.

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People should expect things like this from EA. EA never changes.

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Am I the only person who saw this measly 1 day coming? I feel like EA have done the exact same thing in the past with one or more of their beta's, but can't recall which...

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Damn just one day?

Avatar image for xenocraigmorph

I am sure it said 3 days earlier on the Battlefield Insider page. Pretty pointless, May as well just open it on the 30th.

It is a shame the only map is the desert map. Loved watching all the footage of the little town; thought we might see that.

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@xenocraigmorph: Its was, they sneakily changed it expecting that no one would notice the change. Guess what EA, we did. No matter though.

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Are you getting spammed emails from EA? Hit unsubscribe at the bottom!

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One day early LMAO What a joke.

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One day? Seems a little odd. I guess they are just trying to make sure they do not overlap the Titanfall 2 beta.

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1 day early? Really! That's stupid.

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Are you serious??? I've been putting up with all of the EA marketing emails since E3 just for 1 day of early access to the BETA? EA strikes again, and they definitely get my vote for the worst company in the world.

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One day is not worth EA spamming me emails

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Just 1 entire day early? Lame!

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But when exactly is it starting ?

Usually these start in the evening for me because of US times. So probably the evening of the 30th.

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One day boo. Should start a few days before oh well.

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@calstatebadboy: Agreed...

Though, considering it only took a few minutes to sign up, its all good...

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@dinosaur_teeth: and an inbox full of spam

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@heydink: Its been about 2 weeks since I signed up, no Spam so far...

I'm pretty sure you can choose to redirect senders to a "Spam" folder anyways...

Its worth it...