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Battlefield 1 Becomes "Biggest Launch" in DICE's History; New Stats Revealed

People collectively played 59 million hours in just over a week.


DICE has released an infographic for Battlefield 1 containing a series of big numbers from the World War I shooter's first 10 days spanning October 18-27.

Overall, Battlefield 1 became the "biggest launch in DICE history" based on the number of daily active players. DICE didn't disclose any specifics, though EA has said Battlefield 1 is pacing ahead of Battlefield 4 when it comes to the number of people who played during launch week.

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Players collectively spent 59 million hours in the game, 9 million of which were in the new Operations mode. Additionally, 32 million Battlepacks were earned, while 1.6 million Behemoth vehicles were deployed. The Scout knife was the deadliest melee weapon, while horses proved to be the most prolific soldier-killer "vehicle," with 5.8 million kills.

There is no word on how many times a downed zeppelin turned into a tornado of death, however. Check out more stats in the infographic here on Battlefield's website.

EA has not said how many copies Battlefield 1 has sold, but one analyst believes the shooter could move as many as 16.5 million units.

In other news about Battlefield 1, DICE recently discussed some of the features and tweaks coming to the game, including hardcore servers, a new custom game, and rent-a-server functionality. Additionally, the game's Suez map is being updated to include more capture points for Conquest mode.

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