Battlecruiser Millennium add-on this summer

3000AD plans to release the first of two "Xtended Play" expansion packs for its latest sci-fi space sim. Screenshots inside.


Battlecruiser Millennium: Gold Edition

Game developer 3000AD is working on two planned "Xtended Play" add-ons for Battlecruiser Millennium, its latest sci-fi space sim. The first of the two expansions, Battlecruiser Millennium XP1, is tentatively scheduled for release this summer, and it will include a number of additions and new features. In addition to new units and scenarios, the expansion will feature new character models and animations, a new detailed city, and an all-new galaxy with approximately 100 planets and moons and thousands of new mission zones. The expansion will also contain several new careers including station commander, starbase commander, and naval commander.

We've posted some screenshots from the expansion pack in the gallery above. For more information, visit the official 3000AD Web site.

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