Battlecruiser Generations rechristened

Upcoming Battlecruiser title gets makeover, new title, new focus. Universal Combat now aimed toward action gamers.


Universal Combat

DreamCatcher will announce tomorrow that Battlecruiser Generations has been put through some changes. The title, the latest in the series of Battlecruiser games from outspoken game designer Derek Smart, will now be released under the title Universal Combat.

A DreamCatcher spokeperson told GameSpot that "the game has morphed into much more than a massive space sim," and that the reworked game's "action-based focus caters to a far broader audience."

In addition, DreamCatcher pointed out that Universal Combat will come with "a new interface and heavily revised control scheme for ease of use, regardless of craft or vehicle," along with a new shader-based graphics and animation engine.

DreamCatcher will soon launch a Web site to complement the title and says a demo is due early next month.

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