Battleborn's First Free DLC Character Out Today for Some, Next Hero Revealed

Alani arrives, while the reptile Pendles is on the way next.


The Battleborn update that came out today introduces the game's first free post-release hero, Alani, but only for some. As announced previously, Alani--who is a "warrior-monk healer"--launches today, May 24, for people who bought the Battleborn Digital Deluxe edition or season pass. Also, if you took part in the Battleborn PS4 beta, you will receive the character today.

Everyone else gets Alani for free on May 31 by spending 47,500 credits or by using a Hero Key. You can see Alani in action in the gameplay video below, while a list of her moves and abilities follows further down.

Alani Attacks and Abilities:

  • TORRENT: Through years of training in Ket, her order's martial art, Alani has honed her ability to control water, hurling water bolts to damage enemies.
  • WELLSPRING: Channeling her focus and strength, Alani heals herself for a small amount or envelopes an ally in water to heal them.
  • RIPTIDE: Alani sends forth a wave of water that deals damage to enemies, pushes them away, and leaves a trail hastening allies’ movement speed.
  • GEYSER: Calling upon the power of the oceans, a groundswell erupts, knocking enemies into the air, damaging and binding them.
  • EMERGENCE: Alani summons a water dragon that deals damage to everything caught in its wake.
  • (Passive) OSMOSIS: Alani's healing abilities swell and recede like the tide. Successfully landing hits with Torrent grants up to three stacks to temporarily increase the healing power of Wellspring.

Additionally, Battleborn's next hero has also been revealed. In a blog post, 2K revealed the "cold-blood killer" character Pendles, who is some kind of awesome-looking reptile.

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Pendles is scheduled to debut in the "next couple months," becoming Battleborn's 27th hero. You will be able to unlock Pendles by spending 47,500 credits or by using 1 hero key. "We'll have more info on Pendles, including his abilities and release date as, we get closer to his release," 2K said.

In another blog post, 2K confirmed that the ongoing Battleborn price cut--which knocks the base game down to $40 and Digital Deluxe edition to $55--will be good through May 28. 2K says the price drop aims to celebrate Alani's release; it also comes the same week that competing title Overwatch launches.

For more on today's Battleborn update, which makes gameplay balance tweaks and more, check out the full patch notes here.

You can also check out GameSpot's Battleborn review here.

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