Battleborn Beta Now Live on PS4, Open to Everyone

Xbox One and PC versions of the beta arrive next week.


The beta test for Battleborn is now live on PlayStation 4, and is open to everyone on the system--PlayStation Plus isn't required.

Preloading for the beta on all platforms began earlier this week. PS4 players get in early, with PC and Xbox One betas opening up on April 13. All three versions will then run until April 18.

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If you haven't been following the game closely, it's a new team-based shooter (with some elements of MOBAs, though it isn't itself a MOBA) from Borderlands developer Gearbox. The newly released video above offers a brief rundown on Battleborn's story, game modes, upgrade system, and characters--of which there are 25, with five more on the way for free following the full game's launch.

The beta consists of two story missions, two competitive multiplayer modes, and all 25 launch characters, though some of these need to be unlocked before they can be played. You can also get a taste of three progressions systems in the game. However, none of your progress will carry over to the full game.

PS4 players who play the beta will get the first DLC pack for free and instant access to Alani (the first of the five free DLC characters) when she's released in the full game. If you play the beta and end up buying the season pass, you'll also get a key that lets you unlock any character immediately.

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Additionally, the PS4 version of the beta includes a character--Toby, the mechsuit-wearing penguin pictured above--that won't be accessible in the PC or Xbox One betas. Players on those platforms will have to wait for the full version of the game to give him a try.

If you haven't already preloaded it, you can download the beta for PS4 here, Xbox One here, and PC here.

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