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Battle Realms

Liquid Entertainment's freshman entry is a real-time strategy game of epic proportions. Called Battle Realms, the game will have a living environment that is constantly affected by the players' actions. Ed Del Castillo, Liquid's founder and the designer on such games as Command & Conquer: Red Alert, is heading up the production of Battle Realms.


  • 03/01/01 Entry #6
    Ed Del Castillo returns for another designer diary installment. This time, he talks all about the tools his designers use to create Battle Realms.
  • 01/22/01 Entry #5
    Ed Del Castillo revisits these developer journals with a look at the challenges his company faced while designing the Battle Realms' interface.
  • 12/08/00 Entry #4
    Producer Ed Del Castillo explains the difficult juggling act involved in balancing the units in a real-time strategy game.
  • 09/11/00 Entry #3
    In the third installment of our Battle Realms Designer Diaries, producer Ed Del Castillo talks about adding some character to the game's clans and units.
  • 07/27/00 Entry #2
    Ed Del Castillo at last dives into Battle Realms' game design and reveals many juicy tidbits about the game's unique living resource system, hardy peasants, and the very important role of yin and yang.
  • 06/13/00 Entry #1
    Ed Del Castillo gives an overview of his new company and talks about the initial design process of Battle Realms.

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