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Battle Mages: Sign of Darkness Preview

This expansion pack to the 2004 strategy role-playing game will add plenty of new content.


Battle Mages: Sign of Darkness is an upcoming expansion to the original Battle Mages, a role-playing strategy game that was released only in Europe. The expansion will add four new campaigns (including an undead campaign), an improved inventory system, new magical abilities, and new hero characters for each campaign, along with other new features, including a new race--dwarves.

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Another new feature is that upgraded units can now be transferred throughout the campaigns, so you can build them up to be the ultimate units, just in time for the climactic last battle. The graphics engine has been improved, so there are now day and night battles with real-time changing weather conditions. There are also new items and artifacts, and troops now have inventory slots.

Buka says that each of the 16 maps is up to three hours long and that there are dozens of dynamic quests and optional tasks in the expansion. Battle Mages: Sign of Darkness will ship for the PC this year.

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