Battle Engine Aquila ships

Infogrames announces that the PS2 and Xbox versions of this first-person shooter are now in stores.


Infogrames has today announced that both the PS2 and Xbox versions of Battle Engine Aquila have been shipped to stores nationwide. The game, which was developed by UK-based Lost Toys, sees players assuming control of a giant armored robot that can assume two different forms for movement and combat either on the ground or in the air. The game is set during a major conflict between two different factions, so players will often find themselves fighting the enemy as part of a large force rather than single-handedly.

"Battle Engine Aquila represents an incredibly fresh and modern approach to the classic shooters of the past--overwhelming odds, incredible weapons, and, of course, gigantic mega bosses," said Jean-Philippe Agati, senior vice president and general manager of Infogrames' Los Angeles studio. "The comparison really stops there, however, as Battle Engine Aquila breaks new ground on nearly every gameplay front. Epic battles featuring hundreds of land, air, and sea units onscreen at any given moment, a first-person perspective, open-ended primary and secondary mission objectives, selectable wingmen, modifiable weapon loadouts, and resupply ships are just a few of the many gameplay features that are sure to make Battle Engine Aquila a necessary addition to any gamer's library."

Battle Engine Aquila's single-player campaign is made up of more than 40 missions, and the game also features several multiplayer modes of play, including cooperative, skirmish, and versus. For more information on Battle Engine Aquila, check out our previous coverage of both versions of the game using the links to the right.

$29.18 on Walmart

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