Battle Engine Aquila retail-bound

The PC port of Lost Toys' mech-action title will land in stores shortly.


Encore Software announced today that Battle Engine Aquila has shipped. The PC version of the Atari-published and Lost Toys-designed console game will let gamers slide into the cockpit of a BattleTech-esque mech that is a hybrid of armored walker and fighter jet. This particular mech and its pilot, Hawk Winter, happen to be in the middle of a futuristic war, and must battle enemies on variety of worlds over the course of 40 missions.

The PC Battle Engine Aquila has the same multiplayer options as the Xbox and PlayStation 2 version--co-op, versus, and skirmish. It also has the same limit of two players, as well as the same split-screen visual scheme.

Battle Engine Aquila for the PC costs $29.99, and is rated 'T' for teen.

$29.18 on Walmart

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