Batman's Most Devious Villain Getting His Own Mini-Series At DC Comics

Step aside, Joker. The Demon's Head is back with a vengeance.


Another member of the Bat Family is getting her very own TV show. Check out the trailer for the CW's Batwoman TV show now!

In terms of Batman villains, Ra's Al Ghul may not be as famous as someone like The Joker, but he's definitely no slouch. One of the few enemies to ever learn Bruce Wayne's identity, Ra's has been a near constant threat for decades, always toeing the precarious line between full-blown supervillain and deadly rival--a dynamic that makes him the perfect candidate for a featured role in DC's Year of The Villain event, which showcases some of the world's most iconic evildoers in a brand new light.

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Batman Vs. Ra's Al Ghul #1, courtesy of DC Comics
Batman Vs. Ra's Al Ghul #1, courtesy of DC Comics

Starting this August, Ra's will star in a new six-issue miniseries written and drawn by his co-creator, comics legend Neal Adams. The story will focus on a Gotham City under siege by terrorists with Ra's apparently offering his "help" to the officers of the GCPD. Additionally, a mystery uncovered by Boston Brand, otherwise known as Deadman, leads Bruce straight into the sights of the Demon's Head himself.

To help celebrate the launch of the mini-series, DC will also be re-releasing a "facsimile edition" of Batman #232, which will reprint Ra's now-iconic first appearance in "The Daughter Of The Demon" in its original format.

Both Batman Vs. Ra's Al Ghul #1 and the Batman #232 facsimile edition hit shelves August 21.

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