Batman's Best Comic Turns Into a Movie in 2016

It's Joker's turn for an origin story in movie form.


Arguably the best Batman comic ever written, the one-off Batman: The Killing Joke, is being turned into an animated film, DC Comics announced at Comic-Con today.

Bruce Timm, who has worked on a number of DC animated series, will executive produce the new movie, which is due out sometime in 2016. It will be one of three movies released next year under the DC Universe Original Movies banner. Unlike The Killing Joke, both of the others--Batman: Bad Blood and Justice League vs. Titans--will be original stories.

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Details are scant on the The Killing Joke adaptation, but it's described on DC's website as "retell[ing] this classic tale in an exciting new way." It'll be preceded by a 15-minute prologue that sets up its story and gives "longtime fans of the story something new to look forward to."

The Killing Joke was originally published back in 1988. Written by Alan Moore (best known for Watchmen) and illustrated by Brian Bolland, it provides an origin story for the Joker. It also marks a significant moment for Barbara Gordon in a scene that's referenced in the recently released Batman: Arkham Knight.

In addition to this, there's reportedly another live-action Batman movie coming after Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. We learned this week that Ben Affleck may don the cowl a second time in a film he'll co-write.

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