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Batman v Superman Deleted Scene is Very Confusing, Watch It Here [SPOILERS]

What does it mean?


This post contains Batman v Superman spoilers.

Batman v Superman only just came to theaters days ago, but Warner Bros. is already promoting the superhero showdown movie's R-rated "Ultimate Edition" home video release. Today, the film company released a clip from a deleted scene titled "Communion." It's a short clip, but it's quite interesting.

In the video, we see a tactical police team making its way to Lex Luthor's lair. Once they get there, they discover quite a sight to behold. As i09 explains, the alien hologram thing appears to be holding three Mother Boxes, which, according to DC Comics fiction, are super-powerful computers created by the New Gods.

It's been speculated that this creature is Yuga Khan, Darkseid's father or possibly a different version of Darkseid general Steppenwolf. Apparently this scene is going to tie into what happens in Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder's upcoming Justice League movies.

The No. 1 comment on this video on YouTube right now from Slcmof is "WTFFFFFFFFF," which sums it up pretty well.

A release date for the three-hour Ultimate Edition has not been announced, but it's unlikely to come out soon, as Batman v Superman only came to theaters on March 25. The movie, despite a lukewarm critical reception, is breaking all kinds of box office records.

This is just one scene that didn't make it into the Batman v Superman theatrical cut that will be seen in the Ultimate Edition. Another will reveal the character actress Jena Malone plays. The Ultimate Edition carries a Restricted rating not because the violence is more intense, but because it lasts longer than what's seen in the 2.5-hour theatrical version.

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