Batman-Themed Phone Coming to Celebrate a Three-Year-Old Game

Here's the Injustice phone you've been asking for (?).


Samsung recently announced plans to release a limited, Batman-themed version of the Galaxy S7 Edge in select markets. It's doing this not as a tie-in with Batman v Superman or something recent, but instead to mark the three-year anniversary of a mobile game in which Batman is a character.

Fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us was released for Android in late 2013, months after its release on consoles and iOS. It features a variety of DC superheroes and villains fighting each other, and for whatever reason, Samsung and Warner Bros. felt now was the time to release what is admittedly a nice-looking version of the S7 Edge.

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The phone will be released in limited quantities in select regions--and so far, most of North America and Europe are not among them. According to a press release, the phone launches in early June in China, Singapore, Korea, Latin America, Russia, and other areas "to be announced soon."

While you may not be able to easily get your hands on one, you can check out what comes in the phone's box in the exceedingly dramatic unboxing video below. The phone comes with a Gear VR headset, though it appears to be only the phone that's Batman-themed.

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