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Batman, Spider-Man Artists Pay Tribute to Prince

The coolest Prince comic art you'll see this week.


We had the unfortunate news this week that music sensation Prince passed away at age 57. Prince had a huge impact on the music scene and several comic book artists paid tribute in their own special way. Take a look at these amazing pieces of art. You can click on each artist's name to check out their Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram page.

Cameron Stewart just wrapped up drawing the Fight Club 2 comic and was co-writing Batgirl.

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You'll notice a lot of the artist went for the Purple Rain look. That's not the only era depicted in the art.

J. Scott Campbell is the creator of Danger Girl and has been busy drawing comic book covers and doing original art for Disney.

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Annie Wu, Bill Sienkiewicz, Dustin Nguyen, Fernando Blanco, Francesco Francavilla, Jim Mahfood, Kagan McLeod, Richard Pace, Ramon Perez, and Todd Nauck.

Here's one from Nelson Blake II.

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Stephanie Hans painted this one.

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Chip Zdarsky drew Prince from memory.

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Let us know what you think of these drawings. What is your favorite Prince song?

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