Batman recommitted to Arkham Asylum

[UPDATE] Sequel to Rocksteady's 2.5-million-unit selling adaptation of iconic DC Comics series is in the works; full trailer inside.


[UPDATE] Full trailer now available. Original story is below.

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After several lackluster attempts like 2005's Batman Begins, DC Comics' iconic caped crusader finally got his game with this August's critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum. The Rocksteady-developed action game let players step into Bruce Wayne's nocturnal flying mammal suit in order to quell a Joker-fueled uprising that had criminally insane inmates running Arkham Asylum.

Gamers who finished that title probably noticed a loose end or two in the plot just begging for a sequel. Just such a follow-up was confirmed in a minute-long teaser trailer (now viewable above) at tonight's VGAs.

The spot, which was greeted by a hearty round of applause from the audience, starts with a camera panning through crime-ridden city streets and then inside a building with a twisted carnival or fun-house atmosphere. The Joker's blood-chilling cackle is heard as the camera pans up on to the second floor and to a man sitting in a large leather chair watching the city erupt in flames outside his window. The distinctive silhouette of the Joker's right-hand woman, Harley Quinn, leans over to give him a peck on the cheek as the camera circles the room to show the wiry madman gleefully insane as ever, but battered and in the middle of receiving a blood transfusion.

"Come give your Uncle Joker a hug."

As the Joker collects himself, the Dark Knight's iconic bat symbol shows up onscreen and begins to crack and crumble. The logos for WB Games, DC Comics, and Rocksteady flash on the screen, suggesting that the studio behind the original hit is once again handling development duties. However, the lack of an Eidos or Square Enix logo indicates that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment may be publishing it directly. (WBIE parent Time Warner owns DC comics and all its properties.)

The trailer ends with a plug for the official Web site, No mention of platforms or a release window was made in the trailer.

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grey_fox1984 If they did that youd get graphics on par with grandtheft auto and prototpe and the such. Just remember to be careful for what you wish for.,

Avatar image for KoRniTo

I can't help myself but be very excited about this. If you haven't played the first game, do yourself a favor and do it NOW.

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Avatar image for Angre_Leperkan

If the same developers are behind this one, I'm sure they'll get it right :) No matter where they go with this game, I'm betting it'll be fantastic. Can't wait to see more.

Avatar image for grey_fox1984

all im saying is you could do some pretty crazy s#!t in Prototype or Infamous, being able to search for criminal goings-on in a batmobile through an open-world sandbox gotham doesn't seem out of the realm of possibilities for the current hardware... sort of like GTA, but you only have the best car ever imagined and you don't have to steal it. Keep Arkham's combat engine and add a few more gadgets and we'd have the best conceivable Batman game... just wouldn't leave them a lot of room to improve for part 3... though Arkham's relative linearity was kind of nice and kept the pace up... im sure rocksteady'll figure something out. day 1 purchase either way

Avatar image for Triangly

@grey_fox1984 Haha yeah that's probably asking too much but I guess it would be rather awesome if done right.

Avatar image for grey_fox1984

My hope is that at some point we'll get Batman: Gotham City and be able to cruise around in the batmobile GTA style; asking too much?

Avatar image for ChudWarrior

If done sort of like Assassins Creed, I think a sort of open world style might be good. Gliding from building to building and doing some more stealthy moves would be great. As long as they give you the ability to jump and crouch and all that. I was sort of confused as to why you could not jump and do acrobatics like Batman should be able to do. Either way it should be great hopefully, even if they just slightly re-hash the first one.

Avatar image for SBusc41144

Just watching the trailer, it looks like we're going to have Two-Face('We Want You' poster), Penguin(Iceberg club is seen), Catwoman(we see a black cat), Black Mask(the building Joker is in says "Sionis" which is Black Mask's name). Anymore would make the game too crowded.

Avatar image for 5898LM

looks sick, this is def a preorder

Avatar image for Porcupine_Face

are you effing kidding me asap1984? No way in hell should the sequel be open world. hell no. you must be insane to think that's a good idea. two face was mentioned robbing a bank in the end of the first game so i'm sure he will be in this one. croc, bane, and scarecrow are confirmed as still alive since they are seen after the credits. as for new villains i'd like to actually see the riddler and a mr. freeze ice level would be cool. also the preston payne clayface could be pretty cool. he is the most mentally unstable.

Avatar image for blondiman

B:AA rocked!!! i cant wait to see how this one tops it!!!

Avatar image for mihirs96

Just cant wait for the sequal... I wonder when its gonna release though...

Avatar image for asap1984

Hope its open world and that DLC would be side missions to find more villians. also hope riddler left some things behind befor he was caught in the first one.

Avatar image for Racer850

Can't wait for the sequel, love the first.

Avatar image for punkologist

I don't understand why people hate the batman begins game so much. I really enjoyed it.

Avatar image for Peazo

Good news as apart from an early spiderman game, not really into this type of game. I loved the first one, but was a bit disapointed at how short it was. Not all gamers enjoy the trend of making games shorter, but with more "replay value". I'd like to see a longer game and with more locations if possible.

Avatar image for ghall56

Should have clayface, The Penguin, Two-Face, bane, scarecrow, Riddler and harvy Shouldn't have catwoman, Mr Freeze, Man-bat, mad hatter and DEF NOT ROBIN!!!!!! :-s lol

Avatar image for Epicurus-Reborn

i like the way joker looks in that trailer wayy more than he did in AA. I mean the differences are subtle but he looks more real.

Avatar image for Stitticus

@ rando22 Cheers mate, that was a bloody good read. I hope they are right, because it sounds like if these were the premises on which the second game was based it would be ideal.

Avatar image for SufferLikeGdid

Cant' wait!! Can't wait!!

Avatar image for hollow56771

AWESOME!! I cant wait! i hope they make it really long or have some dlc to the story, because the last one wasn't short but after i beat it i was begging for more BATMAN!

Avatar image for jzivk

Reckon it will be called Batman:Gotham

Avatar image for Roque_00

loved the first one. this is certainly great news. i do have a little problem with the setting moving to gotham city proper though. what was great with BAA was the immersive setting of the asylum. they are going to have to do a lot of work to have that kind of immersion in a big city like gotham. or risk having the game reduced to an open-world sandbox rendition of BAA. here's hoping they pull it off. will definitely buy this one

Avatar image for funnysplay

I really enjoyed the open game world in the asylum, but they should do the next one in an open world gothom city.

Avatar image for KaizerJinn

AWESOME!! would definitely follow up with the sequel. Hope they able to build on the pros of the first game. i enjoyed the sneaking around and hanging unexpecting baddies from the ceiling. LoL. =^D

Avatar image for gauty

Baa 2... sounds gr8!

Avatar image for firehawk998

I want to fight HUSH in the next Batman game. Kinda like when Snake fought Liquid Ocelot in MGS4. The second game would be awesome with the character.

Avatar image for method115

The first one was awesome my only complaint was there was like no replay value for me. The challenges were fine but got boring kind of quick. I'll for sure get the second one but I'll probably wait till I can get a used copy off ebay/amazon. The first one was nice and long though I didn't feel ripped off. Not like I did from purchasing Resident Evil 5.

Avatar image for moh_sakhaii

There is a page for PC nearly in any site other than gamespot. Let's face it: gamespot is a biased site always promoting consoles so be content the game will be available for us too.

Avatar image for Raykuza

Mmmm. Gimme more o' that sweet, delicious Batman. I just can't get enough.

Avatar image for VampireVladd

Maybe this time they can make Hush be the one that leaves behind the clues instead of the riddler. Hush is one of my favorite villians and this has to be in my top ten of all time favorite games.

Avatar image for rando22

sorry to burst your bubble people but the guys at pretty much have the sequel figured out. including setting, plot, and villians. warning though there are some minor spoilers. << LINK REMOVED >>

Avatar image for sharkbiscuit79

cannot wait more batman please

Avatar image for Excedra

can you please give an exclusive bonus content to 360 people now? i own a ps3 and a 360, and i think its fair to give 360 the exclusive content,

Avatar image for Excedra

:D x10000000 im so excited!!! i cant explain it!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for mightywillg

@ clicketyclick From the trailer it seems Jokers new scheme is to turn Gotham City itself (or at least a section of it) into the new Arkham Asylum, hence the shot of the city behind the Arkham Asylum gates and the phrase "Arkham Has Moved" - it's a little farfetched I know, but this is the Joker we're talking about after all, and it'll mean a more open world environment which is all good news

Avatar image for hollowfaith

I think I just creamed myself... :(

Avatar image for gamer082009

I hope it gets out of Arkham Asylum, I wanna explore more. I think they could do allot of good with a sequel. Loved the first and I'm sure the second will be just as good.

Avatar image for docwoo

Batman:AA should definitely be a game of the year candidate. favorite comic hero gets proper treatment in a video game! And now a sequel?!!! Just take 60 bucks out of my bank account right now.

Avatar image for dogpigfish

Great Game. Game of the Year in my opinion. I hope they don't give it to the terrorist movement game.

Avatar image for AlmostHaslem

Actually Batman is the most realistic hero out there the technology is available for those who can afford more than 7.3 million dollars of technology if you are going to talk smack about batman and say he is the fakest of all heroes then stfu because 1.he doesnt need powers he has his brain 2.all needed to be batman is of existence 3.halo is Not even a super hero its a man in a military suit

Avatar image for clicketyclick

The title of this article is a little misleading, as by all indications this sequel will NOT be set in Arkham Asylum, but in the main city.

Avatar image for TerrorToaster

thank AA's ending for joker's better look.

Avatar image for Richardthe3rd

Absolutely amazing game. Was blown away and thanked the random impulse that prompted me to buy it. Will buy the sequel day 1.

Avatar image for Devil_May_Asian

@ monson21502 I'm sorry, but did any other superhero have a backup plan to not only combat every superhero, but to outright destroy them? Batman certainly did, but when Lex Luthor stole those plans, all seemed hopeless...until Batman found a way to combat his very own plans. Just because he doesn't possess superpowers doesn't make him any less of a threat. When you think about it, you're just ignorant about the series.

Avatar image for MrBryanJay

I love the fact that Black Mask is going to be in this installment. Since the Iceburg Lounge is in the trailer, I'm guessing Penguin. I'm worried about that the most. Can't wait for this to come out though!

Avatar image for monson21502

@SirCroft, you think batman could be real life hero???? sorry but batman is rich and spoiled by his caretaker and his dead parents money. no rich person would risk their lives to fight crime thats more fake of a story then a man from another planet that gets his powers from our sun:wink: infact i think halo is much more real and a better comic and way way better game

Avatar image for draudn

Legojake94: Most likely some other 'fight against piracy'. Also; the majority of the gamers who bought B:AA were consolegamers, I'm guessing they don't think its enough money in the PC to port it.

Avatar image for Legojake94