Batman Ninja Anime Gets Incredible First Trailer, Watch It Here

The Dark Ninja.


Batman is one of the most beloved superheroes of all time, but with so many different actors, movies, and TV shows about him across the decades, it's hard to think of what else can be done with the character. But it seems that there are still new and exciting ways to present the Caped Crusader--and the upcoming anime feature Batman Ninja is the proof.

Fans attending New York Comic-Con in September got a first taste of what to expect from the animated feature when a clip was screened there, and now the full trailer is online. As the title suggests, it's a glorious mash-up of wild samurai action and classic Batman characters. So if you've ever wanted to see Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn, The Penguin, and Catwoman in an insane anime movie, here's your chance. Check the trailer out below:

Batman Ninja has an impressive team of anime veterans behind the scenes. Creators Junpei Mizusaki, Takashi Okazashi, and Kazuki Nakashima have worked on shows such as Afro Samurai, Kill La Kill, and Gurren Lagann.

At the Comic-Con launch, the trio revealed that that they were approached by Warner to create the feature, and as huge Batman fans they jumped at the chance. "There's a fight scene in this that might be the best fight scene I've seen in animation anywhere," Miereanu told In addition, Mizusaki explained that all the action was acted out by performers in live-action, with the choreography motion-captured to assist the animation.

Batman Ninja is yet to be given a release date, but it is expected to arrive in 2018.

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