Batman Forever Director Joel Schumacher Reportedly Made A Longer, Darker Cut Of The Movie

Batman Forever was a huge hit when it was released in 1995, but Schumacher reportedly assembled a different version.


With Zack Snyder's cut of the notorious DC flop Justice League making its way to HBO Max next year, there has been increasing conversations about what other superhero directors cuts might be out there. David Ayer has already talked he's like to see his version of Suicide Squad released, and it now seems there was another version of the 1995 DC hit Batman Forever.

Batman Forever was directed by Joel Schumacher, who died last month. The film starred Val Kilmer as Batman, and was a massive success when it hit theaters in July 1995. But according to Variety, the director also assembled a longer and darker cut of the film.

News of a different version of the film first emerged last week when screenwriter Marc Bernardin tweeted that he had on "very good authority" that a more serious 170-minute cut of the movie was assembled. Variety's sources have confirmed this to be the case, and the site has revealed some details about what this version contained.

Reportedly, much of the extra runtime focused on Bruce Wayne's psychological issues and his decision to lead a dark double life as a masked vigilante. There is also more footage for Jim Carrey's Riddler, who invades the Batcave, plus a new opening sequence in which Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones) escapes from Arkham Asylum.

As anyone who has seen Batman Forever knows, the tone of the released movie is much more comedic, with Carrey's over-the-top performance at the center and Batman's emotional problems downplayed. Some of the extra footage has since emerged since, including the scene in which a troubled Bruce is confronted by a giant humanoid bat.

Of course, the question is if we will ever see this version of Schumacher's movie. According to Variety's sources at Warner Bros, there are no plans to distribute it, and it's not clear if this cut even survived the 25 years since it was assembled. And of course, Schumacher's death means that any necessary post-production work would have to be completed without him.

But of course, many viewers thought they would never see Snyder's version of Justice League either. But after years of campaigning by both fans and the actors themselves, it was finally confirmed in May that it will be released next year.

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