Batman Dies Hundreds Of Times During Fortnite Comic Crossover

In an interview with creators, it's revealed that Batman is going to die a lot in Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point.


Batman is entering the world of Fortnite for the limited comic series Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point, and issue #1 arrives today. Of course, Batman entering the battle royale island which is about to be overtaken by a massive, murderous storm means one thing: Batman will die. A lot.

Writer Christos Gage--who worked with Epic CCO Donald Mustard on the story--and artist Reilly Brown are creating this six-issue series that mashes these two worlds together. Because of this, we're going to see something happen a lot: Batman's death. But how many times will the Caped Crusader die during this event?

"I have not actually counted it up but I mean [doesn't] everyone die when the storm covers the entire island?" Gage told the media during a DC Comics press event.

Because everything on the island resets every 22 minutes, including memories, that's going to be a pretty tricky situation for Batman to get out of. "He dies every 22 minutes, so yeah it's [all] how long he's in there," explained Brown. "And while I was drawing it, if you pay attention to his facial hair, you can see how long he's in there. He's definitely in there for at least a week, so I don't know how many times 22 minutes happens in a week, but that's how many times. I guess it wouldn't be more frequently that, so you could probably--if we figured out exactly how long he's in the loop--we could figure out exactly how many times he died."

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Just to help with the math in this equation. In the week that Brown mentions, there are 10,080 minutes. If you divide that by 22, that's a little more than 458 times. So, at minimum, Batman dies in the six-issue limited series at least 458 times.

While this is mainly based on the storm overtaking the island, it doesn't seem like that's the only way Batman will die. Brown went on to ask the question of who racked up the most kills on Batman? Is it the storm or is it characters like Ruckus, Vendetta, and Big Mouth?

And much like the game Fortnite, there will be some crossovers within the crossover. It was previously revealed that GI Joe's Snake Eyes will be battling Batman in a later issue. The creators also alluded to even more surprise characters popping up later in the series as well, so get ready for what could be the biggest super-crossover in comics.

Fortnite players will get a bit of a bonus if they pick up this comic, as each issue comes with redeemable in-game codes, including the Rebirth Harley Quinn Outfit. If you buy all six issues of the series, you can unlock the Armored Batman Zero Outfit for your Fortnite character.

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