Batman: Arkham VR No Longer PS4-Exclusive, New Trailer Released

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Now Playing: GS News Update: Batman Arkham VR No Longer PS4-Exclusive

Batman: Arkham VR, the first-person Dark Knight experience that was until now PSVR-exclusive, is coming to rival VR headsets Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The new versions will launch on April 25, a little over six months after the game launched on PlayStation 4.

"Bringing Batman to VR was a very rewarding experience for us," said Sefton Hill, creative director at Rocksteady. "The Dark Knight has always been an incredible character to work with due to his psychological depth, so it’s really exciting to use this immersive medium to delve deeper into his psyche than ever before. We’re thrilled that PC players can finally wear the cowl for themselves and take on the role of the world’s greatest detective with the addition of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift versions."

To celebrate the news, Rocksteady has released a new trailer. Take a look for yourself below.

Publisher Warner Bros. has confirmed that the new versions will be compatible with both Oculus Touch and the Vive controllers. The game will also support standard gamepads on PC, including the Steam controller, Dualshock 4, and Xbox One controller.

Batman: Arkham VR was one of the PlayStation Store's most-downloaded games of 2016, only beaten to the top of the VR chart by Job Simulator. We enjoyed the virtual reality experience here at GameSpot: critic Tamoor Hussain awarded it a 7/10. For more, check out our full Batman: Arkham VR review.

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Avatar image for midna

Still need to get this for my PSVR.

Avatar image for skot_free

At best it's a one play through Demo imo. Batman VR was good not great but certain parts are very well done. I just don't want to give it away but at times I got totally freaked out by some imagery.

Avatar image for mattcake

It always seemed to have the jitters on PSVR for me and I never could quite position myself right for it to be happy, but there's no denying it was awesome in so many ways. We need more stuff like this to push this tech forwards. Likewise, you haven't played RE7 until you've played it in VR. First person perspective on a monitor/TV isn't really first person perspective after you try it in VR :)

Avatar image for Myron117

@lonesamurai1: wrong. Vr is a plus, a massive plus

Avatar image for Erutan409

Meh. I'd prefer a new full-fledged Batman game over this. Preferably with a lot less Batmobile.

Avatar image for restatbonfire

@sticktaler36: if you haven't played arkham knight, they throw the batmobile every chance they get in that game. Like half of the game is driving in the batmobile

Avatar image for Erutan409

@sticktaler36: The context to which I was speaking, was in regard to Arkham Knight. Sorry, I thought that would be implied, since I mentioned the term "full-fledged" when wishing for a new title; that wasn't VR.

Avatar image for lilhurk1985187

Boring. Hope it flops.

Avatar image for sakaixx

Was a great psvr showcase.

Avatar image for drd7of14

Awesome! The more the merrier. This was a great PSVR game, so I'd be excited to see what the improvements would be for the Vive. I'm sure it looks even better than it already did.

Avatar image for Myron117

@drd7of14: im thinking it will be improved resolution and (definitely) tracking. Beyond that, im not sure.