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Batman Arkham VR Announced for PS4

No word yet on exactly what kind of game it will be.


[UPDATE] A press release informs us that Rocksteady, the developer behind the Arkham trilogy, is working on Batman: Arkham VR. The game will have players "utilize [Batman's] legendary gadgets to unravel a plot that threatens the lives of his closest allies."

"Rocksteady is always looking for new ways to further engross players into the worlds we create and Batman: Arkham VR is an example of how we're taking advantage of the latest technology to do that," said game director Sefton Hill. "The team is committed to delivering a Batman experience that stays true to the character and allows players to fully immerse themselves in the role of the World’s Greatest Detective."

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Now Playing: Batman Arkham VR Announced at E3 2016

We'll update this story as we receive more information, including what the gameplay consists of. The original story follows.

A Batman Arkham game is coming as a PlayStation VR exclusive, Sony announced at its E3 press conference tonight.

No details were shared about the game, nor did we get to see it in action. Instead, we heard some Joker voiceover (with Mark Hamill apparently returning to the role) before the video confirmed the project was called Batman Arkham VR.

The game is due out this October. We also learned about a bunch of PS VR projects, as well as a release date: October 13.

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