Batman: Arkham Origins Dev Looking to "Expand the DC Comics Universe"

WB Games Montreal is cooking up a pair of new games.


Batman: Arkham Origins developer WB Games Montreal has confirmed it's working on two new "AAA projects" that could take the developer to new areas. This information comes from a recruitment message posted to the developer's website that was spotted by IGN.

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"Our world needs more superheroes!" the developer said in its call for talent. "We are a growing studio with two AAA projects in development focused on expanding the DC Comics universe in the interactive space."

No further details are available. Previously discovered job listings at WB Games Montreal suggested that the studio was working on an open-world action game for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This game could be a new IP, according to another job posting.

WB Games Montreal has11 open positions posted to its careers portal. Some of these job ads, like this one for a gameplay programmer, mention new-generation consoles and unspecified "innovative" gameplay features and systems.

In October 2013, the local government announced an investment of $1.5 million into WB Montreal, allowing it to expand the studio in terms of headcount and technology.

In other superhero video game news, some footage of a first-person Avengers action game written by Brian Michael Bendis has emerged.

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Avatar image for OrgeLambart

Superman game that doesn't suck please...

Avatar image for thekazumalord

my problem is Warner Montreal's only game they've made , batman arkham origins, was way too buggy and glitchy.. and it didn't help they refused to fix a lot of them so they could conentrate on making dlc instead. it was channeling bethesda... i wonder if any future DC universe related titles thay make will be the same

Avatar image for HapiJoel

I want to see a Silver Age Batman game, in bright pop colours and with appearances form the rest of the Justice League.

Avatar image for gamerx614

I was bothered when I saw "Arkham developers" then I saw "Origins" and thought ok they're ok. The game had some bugs but atleast it friggin ran right on release.

Avatar image for rethgryn

I'd love to see some real talent behind a superman game set in the arkham verse

Avatar image for nanosuituser059

I'd love to see a Red Hood and/or a Nightwing game.

Avatar image for Henninger

Don't care what it is. This is still the same developer that said they'd rather work on dlc than fix game crashing bugs. So yea I won't be buying it regardless of what it is.

Avatar image for Dark_sageX

Only PS4 and X1? guess that means they pussied out on the PC? lol losers, at least we won't have another Arkham Knight incident.

Avatar image for Iemander

@Dark_sageX: Meanwhile, Fallout 4 breaks 3-4 million sales on PC.

Avatar image for bobafetthatesu

@Dark_sageX: Rocksteady outsourced the port to some understaffed third party developer. I sincerely hope they don't abandon PC, I can't stand these open world games on consoles. So much of the experience is lost.

Avatar image for nikon133

Have these guys not done PC port of Arkham Knight?

If they have... I'd rather someone else takes on superheroes.

There are so many street-level superheroes that would work great in game.

Green Arrow, definitely.

Daredevil (yes I know he is not DC, but I couldn't care less). Combination of AC rooftop movement dynamics, martial arts fighting and DD's super-senses that could be implemented in game in many ways.

Flash could be great, too. Speeding through city, time-freeze events... like Max Payne bullet-time on steroids.

Wolverine and X-Men in general. Wolverine is one of rare characters where auto-healing in time makes perfect sense ;) And then, of course, you can always introduce levels and/or boss fights where his mutant healing factor is temporarily neutralized... so he has to make it through the level without.

But heave hitters, too. Martian Manhunter? Vision? Green Lantern? Thor? Heck, Iron-man deserves good game, and managing armor integrity, energy levels... while using all sort of cool energy and projectile weapons, gadgets and different armor designs - could produce amazing gameplay, if done right.

And then, Spider-man. There were some decent Spidey games along time... but nothing on Arkham level, imho. He deserves smashing hit game.

Avatar image for Iemander

@nikon133: No, Rocksteady made the PC port of Arkham Knight. They also hired some 5-man company to take the fall if the port got bad press. Rocksteady -> Biggest shitheads ever.

Avatar image for thekazumalord

@Iemander: actually, it was developer Iron Galaxy Studios that ported Batman Arkham Knight to PC , not Rocksteady.. they also ported Batman Arkham Origins to PC, so clearly they're not good with porting console games to PC

Avatar image for nikon133

@Iemander: @putaspongeon: OK... I might have picked wrong info somewhere along the way.

Avatar image for putaspongeon

@nikon133: Nope, they made origins and that's it, the devs who did the pc port of knight were some random ass dev team..

Anyway for some reason I want platinum games to make an ironman game, like have it so that the more melee damage you do, the more energy you get to use specials, ie energy blasts.

Avatar image for immortality20

Justice League and suicide squad! Unlike the haters I loved origins and am very excited to see the new games.

Avatar image for xXxKTTxXx

@immortality20: Origins is my second favourite Arkham game after Arkham City...

Seriously I don't understand the hate.... For me it captured the spirit of the animated series beautifully, that alone made it great for me...

Plus Troy Baker as the Joker was epic!!!! And Bane's portrayal was the best I've seen in the Arkham-verse, if not the in entire batman universe. And add on the Deathstroke boss fight, which is waaaaaay better than the stupid tank battle in Arkham Knight.

So yeah, Origins IS epic!!! =D

Avatar image for naruto945

Ugh more DC games? These guys are a talented team but if all they are gonna make is DC comics games they will never go anywhere. Every superhero without actual powers is gonna have an arkham city knockoff game now. You think they will actually put time and effort into making I dont know a cool superman game or the flash game? No they will make the green arrow game with same controls as batman and add a slow motion arrow shot feature and charge you $60 till the Black Panther game comes out and its same shit but in Africa.

Avatar image for thecman25

@naruto945: lol you couldn't be more wrong, them making more DC games will make them go far

Avatar image for RogerioFM

Just make sure to complete the game this time.

Avatar image for turtlesintime

Please don't. Try something episodic before you go all out to produce something only the most stubborn among us (like myself) will complete. Better yet, lets start with a demo.

Avatar image for dnsfw_jamus

just make it not nearly as mediocre as arkham knight, and it'll be fine

arkham origins>>>>>>>arkham knight

Avatar image for lunchbox2042

I'm surprised there hasn't been an Arrow game yet.

Avatar image for dnsfw_jamus

@lunchbox2042: that would be cool, especially if they got whatshisface from the show to play him, and made it part of the tv universe

Avatar image for xXxKTTxXx

@dnsfw_jamus: it's Stephen Amell =P

He actually voiced the CW Arrow in Injustice Gods Among Us, I think he can do a great job. =)

Avatar image for bakula

Hopefully not Superman or Suicide Squad.

Avatar image for dnsfw_jamus

@bakula: i dunno, arkham knight aside, if anyone could do justice to either of those it would be these guys. especially suicide squad. have a thing where you switch between the members of the squad, pick which members go on each missions, loadouts for each guy, could be totally sweet

Avatar image for turtlesintime

@dnsfw_jamus: I think you're thinking of Rocksteady Studios the company behind Batman Asylum, City and Knight. Montreal has really just been riding their coattails.

Avatar image for dnsfw_jamus

@turtlesintime: well really i'm talking about either of them. but while Rocksteady is definitely stronger on gameplay and reliability, WB montreal's story in Origins was BY FAR the strongest entry in the franchise. if they could do it again and do some more checking to get rid of the bugs then they could totally make a good suicide squad game.

Avatar image for Gamer_4_Fun

They should probably focus on opening up their first QA department before shipping more wrecked games.

Avatar image for Redblaze27

So the B-Team is taking up the mantle?

Avatar image for Iemander

@Redblaze27: B-team Rocksteady is working on something else. Bunch of hackers.

Avatar image for brandonw00

There have been some leaks about a Superman game in development by WB Montreal, so I wouldn't be surprised if that is one of the games. It could possibly get announced at the Video Game Awards or PSX.

Avatar image for turtlesintime

@brandonw00: Yikes. Superman huh? Well, WB Montreal doesn't have a record of 10/10 games but there's a first time for everything.

Avatar image for brandonw00

@turtlesintime: Yeah, someone has to make everyone forget about Superman 64 :P. But it is hard to do Superman in a video game since he is invincible. I guess all the bad guys can have like kryptonite bullets or something.

Avatar image for Iemander

Honestly, after the piece of crap Rocksteady churned out with their good for nothing Arkham Knight PC version, these devs' deserve the franchise.

Avatar image for thekazumalord

@Iemander: Iron Galaxy Studios did the PC port of Arkham Knight (as well as Arkham Origins) not Rocksteady

Avatar image for deactivated-57bac25e99ee3

@Iemander: Believe me when I say that WB Montreal's attitude is far worse than Rocksteady's handling of Arkham Knight on PC. When they made Arkham Origins in 2013, not only did they refuse to progress the series forward the way City did, but they also outright refused to patch the game's bugs as they were too busy working on the Cold Cold Heart DLC.

Avatar image for dnsfw_jamus

@robertcain: lol what? the studio was formed to create a secondary entry in the franchise, they were told specifically to make something that made sense within the canon, but not to touch the main story, that was for rocksteady. and as far as the bugs, they did fix them, it just took a while because after poor sales their team was cut in half, and they were still contractually obligated to make at least one story DLC.

meanwhile rocksteady, who answers to *no one* as long as their sales are good, overcharged for a season pass, blatantly lied about the arkham knight being a brand new character, and did a piss poor job of writing a half-assed "under the red hood" storyline, because they had to force it.

Avatar image for normanislost

@Iemander: another studio did the PC port