Batman: Arkham Knight Preorder Bonuses

Red Hood announced as the latest preorder bonus available for Arkham Knight, but only at GameStop.

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Batman: Arkham Knight may not be coming until next year, but preorder it through GameStop and you'll be entitled to a downloadable content pack that lets you play as Red Hood.

With today being Batman Day, GameStop announced the Red Hood Story Pack. There were no details shared beyond the fact that you'll get the chance to play as Red Hood, who is traditionally a Batman villain. Given this is a "story pack," we can probably expect this to entail more than just a reskinned version of Batman.

This a GameStop-exclusive DLC pack, meaning a GameStop preorder is the only way to get your hands on it. Doing so will also entitle you to the previously announced Harley Quinn Story Pack. That DLC includes four challenge maps and lets you play as Harley and "utilize her unique weapons, gadgets, and abilities." This preorder bonus, unlike the Red Hood DLC, is available through other retailers.

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The only other preorder bonus to be announced so far is one through Walmart for a "prototype Batmobile." We don't yet know exactly what it entails, but this version of the Batmobile is said to include "exclusive gameplay features."

We'll keep this story updated with any additional bonuses announced between now and Arkham Knight's launch.

Combined with the PlayStation-exclusive Scarecrow nightmare missions announced at E3, it's going to be difficult to get your hands on every bit of Arkham Knight content that's out there. At least in the case of the preorder bonus DLC, though, it's possible it could be sold as standard DLC at some point following Arkham Knight's launch.

Originally scheduled for release this fall, Arkham Knight was delayed last month until sometime in 2015. The version of Gotham City available for players to explore is "five times larger than the game world of Arkham City" according to its developer. For more on Arkham Knight--which is coming only to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC--check out our latest preview here.

Which DLC pack are you most interested in trying? Will it convince you to preorder? Let us know in the comments.

$9.49 on Amazon
$7.99 on Walmart

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