Batman: Arkham Knight PC Patch Works Miracles, But Is Pulled

Early reports suggest upcoming update resolves mass of glitches and graphical problems.


Publisher Warner Bros on Wednesday deployed a patch for the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight, but has since removed it due to the update apparently going live prematurely.

The 626MB patch was delivered to a specific group of Steam customers who had all agreed to play beta builds of the game. Early reports from these users were overwhelmingly positive. However, Warner Bros quickly pulled the patch just hours after it first went live, apparently due to the new build being released ahead of schedule.

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Warner Bros has previously stated that the Arkham Knight PC patch should go live at some point in September.

Some beta participants who played the patched version wrote on a Steam discussion board that Arkham Knight's PC frame rate was stable and smooth, and early indications suggest that many of the game's notorious launch problems have been resolved.

One beta user, going by the name 'Saerydoth', wrote: " Just opted into the beta patch. EVERYTHING maxed, all gameworks settings on. 4GB used out of 6 (980ti). Constant 60fps. I think I might've dropped to 55 once when driving but it's butter smooth."

Another user, going by the name 'Snot', published a screengrab of the extensive new graphics options in the game, which also includes a gauge that shows how much V-ram is being used. That image can be found below.

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Batman: Arkham Knight shipped on June 23 across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. However, upon release, a mass of reports from players had indicated that the PC edition was in an incomplete state.

That led to a punishing two weeks for the publisher, as fans continued to discover a whole litany of technical problems with the PC build. After apologising and announcing its intention to build a patch to fix the numerous problems, Warner Bros decided to pull the title from Steam. The game has been unavailable on PC since.

Developer Rocksteady recently released a statement saying it was working on remedying the port's problems, while more significant ongoing work was being done. Posting on Twitter, studio co-founder and director of the Batman: Arkham series, Sefton Hill, said the studio has its "best engineers" helping to fix the issues.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros was accused of having known of Arkham Knight's PC Problems "for months" prior to release, however these claims--purportedly from internal QA employees--are not proven.

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Avatar image for sknight175216

I still wouldn't buy it based on principle. At this point I'll grab the 5 dollar GOTY edition in 2 years.

Avatar image for ginobili1

Good job Rocksteady and WB on this, but I will wait till they release the Crossfire patch.

Guess it will be another couple of months before this game is ready to be played.

Next time, the greedy executives at WB should think hard before making a stupid decision.

Avatar image for MaxBlaze

Only reason they delayed the day one patch this long was to get pirates to lose their patience and buy it for console.

Avatar image for coop36

Good lord, less of a patch and more of a redo.

Avatar image for Pelezinho777

Don't let them play yet....let them suffer, uhahahaaaa!!!.....cough,, germs, geeeerms!!!!

Avatar image for bbq_R0ADK1LL

I got sucked in to getting a cheap pre-order for Arkham Knight. After booting up & seeing how poorly it did in the benchmark I literally haven't even started a game. It didn't even use my second gfx card in SLI!

Hopefully they'll release a patch soon but they really should have just delayed the release on PC. I expect some free DLC or something - they have my money & I don't have a playable game. I got my pre-order from a third party so Steam refunds don't apply. I do still want to play the game so I haven't been chasing refunds but I expect Rocksteady to offer up something in apology.

In the meantime I'm having a blast in Mad Max which is an outstanding port.

Avatar image for erothium

people are complaining because the game got pulled due to the lack of optimization...

at least they aren't ubisoft and make a really shitty optimized game and don't do anything.

Avatar image for Pelezinho777

@erothium: there you go.

Avatar image for tommynj

Everything works but they pull it.. Warner Brothers and Rocksteady must be laughing their butts off right now. They really want to milk more console sales. Next time do us all a favor and just announce you won't be making your games available for the pc anymore because obviously you don't care about pc gamers.

Avatar image for deviltaz35

@tommynj: It was easy enough to get it still. I installed it last night and immediately had an average of 20 fps higher in 1440p with a GTX980. That was until about an hour later . It still has memory leaks so the longer you play the more chance of issues. Still it didn't crash nearly so much as before and i was able to complete another 4% of the game last night.

The graphics are much improved with some nice options available in this beta patch such as upto 16 x filtering , high res textures, frame rate of 30 , 60 , 90 , v sync on off or adapative.

The GPU Ram usage bar is a nice addition too.

It apparently was only a beta patch for testers though which is why it was pulled. It doesn't completely fix the game it just makes it look much better and is a big step in the right direction as long as you have a pretty decent video card to play it on.

One word of warning though , based on this patch high res textures need a card with more than 4GB ram though the 980 didn't have much issue as it's only over by about 300 MB to run with all options maxed at 1440p . Even 1080p still requires more than 4GB with Nvidia features on with High Res Textures though based on this patch.

So bottom line is if you have the patience , this patch is a better option than the vanilla game but it's probably best to wait as it won't be too long now until they release a better patch and fix the game properly.

Avatar image for danp111

@tommynj: it was pulled cause apparrently its still not finalised.. stop assuming the worst, yes it fixed alot of stuff but alot of people are also reporting stuttering still in

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

At this point, we the PC gamers, need to be paid or reimbursed for being the publishers game testers. Used to be a developer and publisher had teams of talented, educated, game testers that found bugs and helped fix glitches, long before a game went gold and was released. NOW, a game is poorly ported through a series of software and sold to the gaming consumers with forum feedback and steam communities finding massive bugs and glitches.

"please be sure to include your hardware specs, and what you exactaly did when you encoutered the bug" Why yeah, why bother testing chapters 3 and 4 for hundred of machines and setups when pc consumers angry feedback gives you all the information you need and all the developers have to do is sift through the most common ones.

LAter on they will released the 'game of the year' version and tout that as the pinnacle of their computer port. All I am saying is, I am tired of console to pc ports that are broken ass as can be, with the expectation of the publishers that we are the new unpaid game testers.

Avatar image for flaw600

@jenovaschilld: If you bought it on PC there's something called Steam Refunds...something WB suggested you use.

Avatar image for barcaazul


I can see them giving some of the DLC for free on PC too.

Avatar image for bbq_R0ADK1LL

@mjc0961: Thanks to Early Access, millions of idiots are paying to be beta testers.

Avatar image for blackbetty1974

My Steam copy is still sitting at 1hr, 59 mins. Let's hope this does it. I'm also wondering if they've added decent textures as well.

Avatar image for bbq_R0ADK1LL

@blackbetty1974: You know it still has to be withing 2 weeks of purchase, right? After 14 days have passed, you still can't get a refund even if you've played under 2 hours.

Avatar image for bakula

@blackbetty1974: Yeah I'm at 12%. I figured I'd just stop and wait for the go-ahead and some skins in later months for first playthrough.

Avatar image for Jedilink109

This is annoying. I mean why would they release a PC version broken? It's not like there wasn't anyone who played it before it was released. At this point they should give buyers of this version something special just for the hassle to make up for it (that isn't simply fixing glitches and bugs, no something legit in game).

I am VERY VERY glad that more and more games are coming to PC all the time but I don't understand how they release these games so broken or in such horrible ports so often. YOU MAKE THEM on the PC in the first place! Perhaps my question shows a lack of understanding of game development, but you'd think it would be easier to make a PC version and create versions for other platforms from there. At least they're taking this seriously and actually fixing these problems.

Avatar image for Alurit

@Jedilink109: why would they release it broken? cause there was no quality control on steam only the quality control of the free market, but they have to go through ms and sony to put it on console, so they wanted to save some money by outsourcing the pc version (not that it cost much to make a port, but pushing release dates sooner means they can start working on next project sooner saving 1-2months of salaries and getting income for games sooner, if they can push a project 3 months sooner that means increased quarterly performance, and that means bonuses), just like how they outsourced the 360,ps3 and pc versions of MKX. the refund system came just before the launch and made a self quality control system.

Avatar image for pound-u

@Alurit: Except it's not up to steam to make sure these games run properly, it's up to the developers. Not to mention, the new refund policy is pretty much quality control now.

Avatar image for lionheart1981oz

Tsk Tsk WB.....just take a look at Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain.....

Now that is how you optimize a game for PC.....does not need any patches, if anything it was for the online functionality and I did not even have to download the latest Nvidia game ready drivers for it.

Runs butter smooth without any glitches.....shame on you WB, shame shame shame......

It was perfect from the get go. Developers need to take lessons from them seriously, no excuse these days to release a triple A title like Batman with bugs and then charge customers full price for a broken game.

Not acceptable.

Avatar image for danp111

@lionheart1981oz: actually mad max is a better example, the game maxed can hit over 120 fps

Avatar image for masscrack

@borgking1234: dafuq?

Avatar image for printice21

Looking at the screen shot of the settings; no AA settings, just on or off, and almost 2GBs of VRAM @ 1680x1050, Thats insane! I could play Arkham Origins at 4k with 2GBs of vram. They still have a lot of work to do.

Avatar image for deviltaz35

@printice21: The high res textures require over 4GB ram at just 1080p with all nvidia features on. It does look beautiful now though. Playing it at 1440p with this beta patch and for the most part it's a vast improvement. If only they can fix those annoying memory leaks though. With adaptive Vsync it is at least always smooth on my 980 now.

Avatar image for RyanBurnsRed

@printice21: Apples to coconuts comparison. Origins is a last gen game/port) Knight is made with higher res textures for the current gen consoles.

I'll leave you to put the two together.

Avatar image for deviltaz35

@duy131295: Witcher 3 textures are 2k , they look good but could be better.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

"It might actually work, pull it out!"

What a trash company.

Avatar image for danp111

@Thanatos2k: "

"It might actually work, pull it out!"

What a trash company."

what a trash comment, do some research it was pulled cause it was not the final version, by all means install a half finished patch..

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@danp111: When even a half finished patch made the game not suck, it's better than the current unplayabale state.

Avatar image for turtlesintime

I could consider getting the season pass now since it looks like they took polishing the PC game seriously. However, judging from the dlc I've seen so far (mainly the length and using the joker... again), I wouldn't spend more than $10. $15 would be really pushing it.

Avatar image for anevilwithin


Avatar image for ECH71

@anevilwithin: #DoesntGetFunnierTheThousandthTime

Avatar image for anevilwithin

@ECH71: So easy to get you people to fall for these jokes.

Avatar image for Criggie

Ahead of schedule...WTF...If anything its to little to late

Avatar image for bobafetthatesu

I hope they don't fix Batman, console gamers will have no more straws to grasp at when debating their non-sense with PC gamers.

Avatar image for billzihang

@bobafetthatesu: Oh no, some of them have more. I hear people say Metal Gear is just 'wrong' on PC. Of course they don't go into any detail, it's just a feeling apparently.