Batman: Arkham Knight Mod Lets You Play as the Game's Director

He's the boss.


Batman: Arkham Knight has been out for a month and a half, and already fans are making some pretty interesting mods for the PC version of the game. One of those fans has decided to let players be able to play as the game's director, Sefton Hill.

That's right, there's now an Arkham Knight mod that replaces Batman with developer Rocksteady's co-founder. Modder "Tchi6" created the mod, which makes the playable character into a bearded, jeans- and polo shirt-wearing game developer. And in this mod, Sefton Hill has incredible superhero agility and strength. Check out a video of it below, courtesy of YouTube user Heitor Fraga (Warning: some strong language).

It's a pretty hilarious mod that you can download here (Be cautious, of course, with downloading any mods). You can read how to install the mod in the description of the above YouTube video.

Arkham Knight has several cool mods, such as one that lets you explore Gotham as Batman's butler, Alfred. However, the PC version of the game is still unstable. It launched in June and immediately experienced a host of problems, and Rocksteady may not have a patch ready for the game until September. But it's good to see fans already adding things to the game with mods, even if the game itself isn't working correctly yet.

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