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Batman: Arkham Knight Is 1080p on PS4

Resolution confirmed for PlayStation 4 edition of upcoming Caped Crusader game; no word yet on Xbox One details.

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The PlayStation 4 edition of upcoming action game Batman: Arkham Knight, the conclusion of Rocksteady's Arkham trilogy, will run in native 1080p. That's according to the game's PlayStation Store product page.

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This is not much of a surprise, as images and gameplay videos we've seen so far have looked gorgeous.

The Xbox One edition's resolution, however, remains unconfirmed. We've reached out to Warner Bros. for clarification. Meanwhile, the system requirements for the PC version of the Caped Crusader game have not yet been announced.

For more on Rocksteady's thoughts regarding graphics for Arkham Knight, check out GameSpot's interview with the team.

In other recent Arkham Knight news, Sony just yesterday announced a new PS4 bundle themed around the game. Included in the $450 package is a steel-grey PS4 console featuring a Batman faceplate. Sony will also offer a $400 Arkham Knight bundle that comes with a standard, jet-black PS4.

After its latest delay, Arkham Knight is now due to launch on June 23.

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