Batman: Arkham Knight Gets "Serious Edition" With Free Graphic Novel

$70 special edition for Arkham Knight revealed.


WB Games will offer a special collector's edition of Batman: Arkham Knight, it was revealed today.

The Amazon listing for Arkham Knight shows two separate editions: the standard game and something called the Comic Bundle. Clicking on this reveals the image below for what is actually called the Serious Edition.

No Caption Provided

This $70 bundle consists of the game itself, an in-game skin ("Batman First Appearance"), and an exclusive, 25th anniversary version of an acclaimed Batman graphic novel first published in 1989, Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth. What isn't included is the extensive amount of DLC included in the game's $40 season pass that sparked somewhat of a backlash from fans.

WB Games has yet to officially announce this version, but based on the Amazon listing, it will only be available for Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game. Arkham Knight is due out on PC alongside both consoles on June 23.

We've contacted WB for more information and will report back with anything we learn.

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Must... resist... corruption... DLC.... evil...

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Waiting for the eventual GOTY edition. Graphic novels are great, but I don't mind getting that another time.

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I think WB has nearly pushed me to the point of saying "F Batman" which would be unfair in a way. However, I will happily say "F WB".

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@cilvar: You mean Rocksteady.

But still "F WB" for Arkham Origins

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Don't preorder games, and certainly not from Warner Brothers.

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Welcome to McDonalds. You want a Big Mac? Would you like just a Big Mac for $3.59, or would you like the Big Mac with FREE(!!!) fries and a drink for $5.99?

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$70, but comes with "free" ("FREE") graphic novel. Don't forget the $40 DLC's NOT INCLUDED in this $70 bargain.

I feel like i'm ripping you off, Rocksteady/WB Games.

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I already have the Arkham Asylum comic book. Looks like I won't be getting the Serious Edition.

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Good lord, how many editions of this game are there? It's kinda sad to see them milking it for all its worth. It's not like the Arkham series is a crappy cash grab like Assassin's Creed. They don't have to do this.

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the only way this would be good is if you wanted the graphic novel and the game which would cost more to get separately since the book is around $15 on it's own if you just want the paper back version.. the hardcover version is much, much more expensive and it looks like it's a hardcover copy what you get.. in which case this would be a good deal.... not saying i'd get it but but still.. it's not as bad as the $40 season pass that warner brother shot out

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I just love how they (the writer) refers to the novel as "free" yet this edition costs an extra $10 lol. Surely, the crappy skin isn't $ it?

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This game and mortal kombat are the epitome of what is wrong with the world of gaming these days. Thankfully I am not the last bit interested in either game. We need to take a stand and not buy games that come out with $40+ worth of dlc that should be included in the original game. I hope the pirating community goes crazy distributing games like this with all the dlc included.

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@happycamper1979: Mortal Kombat is charging $30 for 4 characters and a couple of skins.

Thats half the price of the full game with a full story mode and all the characters included.

"F NR"

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Do you have a point? If so, you might want to clarify it, because I've seen infants make more sense.

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@happycamper1979: My point was pretty simple and i was only adding to what you said so im not sure why you're getting so hostile

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Sorry I'm just am asshole and I had no idea what you were trying to say. Nothing personal.

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@happycamper1979: WB Games is the new EA.

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@christie_@happycamper1979: They aren't the new EA - they've been terrible all along. I don't know why no one has noticed until lately.

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@Thanatos2k@christie_@happycamper1979: I agree with you. WB games DLCs policy is worse than EA's. But EA has a bad reputation for it. Perhaps because WB Games is relatively new, with fewer AAA games.

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Batmobile Edition or nothing.

Well..........not nothing, but you know. MAKE MORE DAMN IT!

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Is that comic any good?

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@advocacy: It's excellent

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@advocacy: Very artistic - abstract style with collage etc. I own it, but it's not as good as a Simon Bisley imo.

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WB company more crazy then Joker

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@borgking1234: No, it's actually a pretty smart practice on their part, since people still seem to buy this stuff at these prices. They still make money off the sane people down the road with the GOTY edition that packs all the DLC in. They did it with Arkham City GOTY, they did it with Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition (and they will do it with MKX), and they just did it with Shadow of Mordor.

Price elasticity can be pretty useful in hitting all sorts of consumers.

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@gokartmozart89@borgking1234: Shadows of Mordor DLC was still affordable.

However it was a complete rip off for people who bought it early since the GOTY came out so soon.

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@ahmad996@gokartmozart89@borgking1234: I had no interest in the DLC. It just didn't look compelling enough. Maybe it'll be in PS flash sale at some point. But yeah, they didn't wait too long to release the GOTY edition. I suspect they wanted to get it out before Arkham Knight and what looks to be a jam packed fall release schedule. It's easy to forget about the GOTY edition of a year old game when a flood of new product hits the market.

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@gokartmozart89@borgking1234: I just recieved an email offering the Shadow of Mordor GOTY Edition, with all the DLC's. LOL

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Bought a GPU, got Witcher 3 and Arkham Knight.

No day-one crap. No pre-order crap. No special edition crap.

Just a nice clean package deal. Felt good for once.

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@Chaoticgodz@spikepigeo: Yeah, why? Same deal exists for the 970 and 960 as well.

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@spikepigeo@Chaoticgodz: 960 only get Witcher as far as I know.

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@Chaoticgodz@spikepigeo: Yeah, why? Same deal existed for the 970 and 960.

Btw, Sara Jean Underwood turns me on if I even hear her damn name, so with your avatar... Ima go fâp real quick, then I'll get back to the comments asap.

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tell me you bleed?

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@witchtrials: If it bleeds, we can kill it.

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@witchtrials: they will

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God dammit I'd love to play with that skin.

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Batman: Arkham Knight "Out of Time Edition"


June 12, 2015
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1st appearance outfit is one of the least serious outfits to day. Excluding Adam West's of course

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They just downgraded the standard edition to the "Joke Edition".

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i'll take the Welfare-Edition, which will come out probably a year after realease with all DLC

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Whatever, WB. I'll see you when the game of the year edition goes on sale in a year and a half

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I would have paid more for a big dumb statue...but the "a hole E o's" saw fit to not make one for pc. Jerks!

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Is there an "F-off WB" edition?

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So I could pay extra to get extra clutter in my house? I get why this strategy works on consoles peasants who like discs and all manner of ancient tech but for the people with at least moderate intelligence (who all play on PC) this strategy just won't work.

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@DrYuya: Oddly enough there's quite a few games on Steam that, if you pay extra, you can get digital books, soundtracks, images, etc.

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@DrYuya: I'm surprised you can see what you're typing with your head so far up your own ass