Batman: Arkham Knight dev talks 1080p/60fps and maturing through Xbox One and PS4 teething period

"There's a lot of insane positive energy at Rocksteady at the moment because we're working in an environment where anything is possible," says Arkham Knight developer Rocksteady.

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You'll have to take my word for it, but right now Batman: Arkham Knight is easily one of the most graphically impressive titles due to be released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC this year. Rocksteady has a demo of the title up and running on PC, but it's not yet ready to show it off publicly. But, it's impressive to look at; it is literally full of graphics.

Rocksteady brand marketing producer Dax Ginn (who might have the most energy in the whole games industry) was eager to talk about how the studio feels about developing its latest game on new Microsoft and Sony hardware. "I asked this very question of our lead engine coder," said Ginn, "and his reaction was that he doesn't have to say 'no' anymore."

"From his perspective, having a lot of horsepower means, when our creative guys want to do something, he doesn't have to say 'no you can't do that', he says, 'yeah, here are the limitations you need to work in, but what you want to do is generally possible.' There's a lot of insane positive energy at Rocksteady at the moment because we're working in an environment where anything is possible. That's a fantastic feeling to have as a developer."

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But comparisons between the PS4 and Xbox One are inevitable, with new owners desperate to know how their choice of hardware purchase stacks up against the other. What's it like seeing an audience so deeply focused on things like resolution and frame rate right now?

"I think it's very easy to focus on those things early on in a new generation of hardware," said Ginn, "because there isn't a lot out there yet to inform where the baseline is--what's everyone able to achieve? And then what is something really special over and above that? By the end of the cycle of PS3 and Xbox 360, we were fantastic at making games for that hardware. At the beginning, there's always this teething period for all developers, it doesn't matter how experienced you are at getting your head around a new generation of hardware. In that time, it's very easy to focus on ideas that everyone understands, and frame rate and frame size are those things.

"But I think as the generation matures, there will be much more development and maturity of ideas like, 'How emotional is this experience?' or 'What's the value of replay?' The much more mature discussions and conversations that we were having towards the end of the last generation. I suspect that will come back, it just requires there to be more runs on the board for people to analyse, compare, and contrast."

Batman: Arkham Knight will be released later this year for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For more information about what takes place in the game's latest demo, check out GameSpot's new in-depth preview.

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Very much looking forward to this although with TESO out no idea when I will play it

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Excited for this when its released!!

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The title says they talk about 1080p/60fps, and yet it's not talked about. It pretty much only says that the developer likes the new consoles' power. That'd be pretty awesome if the game looks as good as it does, and runs at 60fps. I imagine 30fps, though perhaps that's just me being a little pessimistic about it, but heck, it could happen.

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This game is definitely preparing us for Zack Snyders version of Batman.

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That was nice little interview, thank you Gamespot...

Avatar image for ThePowerOfHAT

"... it is literally full of graphics."

This is what I've been saying about almost every game, ever.

Avatar image for zfazal84

He didn't really say anything about 1080p 60 fps.....

Avatar image for Wahab_MinSeo

Thank God Batman Arkham Knight runs on Xbox One Native 1080p with 60fps+, even the Crappy MGS5 graphics can't run native 1080p resolution on XBox1

What The Hell?

Avatar image for NTM23


'Crappy MGS5 graphics' That's actually one of the best, if not the best looking new-gen title game. Don't know what you're talking about.

Avatar image for kvally

<< LINK REMOVED >> If you like LAST gen graphics on the new consoles, then I agree...MGS5 looks good. Then again, it is ported from the old consoles, so it's no surprise it look lackluster.

Avatar image for Wahab_MinSeo

<< LINK REMOVED >> best looking only for last generation of consoles

Am talking about the resolution, frame rate per second and graphics. :)

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Bdrtfm you took the words right out of my head my thoughts exactly on this article

Avatar image for bdrtfm

Once again, a headline that doesn't match the body text! "dev talks 1080p/60fps" yet nowhere in the story is this mentioned. Once again, generating fanboy flame wars for quick click through.

The only reason framerate and resolution comparisons are "inevitable" is because its the first question out of every journalists and bloggers mouth in every interview. Stop worrying about # of clicks and start writing some decent stories with headlines that match that story.

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Very diplomatic answer about the Xbone sucking.

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The truth!!

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the truth has been spoken

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Vote for your console of choice here:-


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I'll be playing this on my supercharged PC i.e The PS4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> That IS funny.

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Finally someone says that the talk about framerates and resolutions is just immature...

On the other hand they themselves kind of say that early games focus on those things and their games will still be one of the early ones...

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Pc fanboys being annoying? console fanboys being annoying? don't worry guys! i hate everyone!

Avatar image for Wahab_MinSeo

@System4Ever Why do we like you if you hate everyone!?

We are people just like you.

What do you prefer PC or Consoles?

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Very fascinating.

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Is it just me, or are PC fanboys really starting to get annoying?

Avatar image for Zhyr_

<< LINK REMOVED >> just like console fanboys?

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Since the game was running on PC, hope it will be a good PC version. My R9 290 is ready.

Avatar image for XNEXUS666X

@Gamer_4_Fun I'm sure it will smash it, the X1 & PS4 don't even come close to that GPU, you're obviously going to get the better version.

Avatar image for mikz_nyc

"By the end of the cycle of PS3 and Xbox 360, we were fantastic at making games for that hardware" so he already concludes ps3 and xbox360 are dead?,what a prick

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<< LINK REMOVED >> they always say nice things about last gen like we will continue to do games on last gen for 3 years......but there's already some good company not making games anymore on last gen......bad sign!!

Avatar image for horizonwriter

<< LINK REMOVED >> Last gen was over-extended far past it's prime and devs have been wanting more powerful hardware to work on for quite a while. Those two consoles should have started winding down two years ago.

Avatar image for Vylsith

That wasn't a red herring fallacy or anything... No diverting the question going on in that interview at all.


Avatar image for wristbreaker

can't we all just be happy everyone gets to play this game? pc, ps4, xnone.... hahahaha...

well I'm simply happy to be a gamer... gonna love this game for sure... gonna get it for ps4 cause its much more convenient playing in the living room with a 50" tv and more fun with my kids... than having to sit in front of a desk staring at a 24" monitor with my kids lining up their chair to get the best view...

for me PC is a work tool and while, yes, there are plenty of genre's that are better on the pc, games like 3rd person adventure and the like, I have always found to be far more better to play with a console...

On topic though... Batman is going to kick ass when this is released...

Avatar image for XNEXUS666X

<< LINK REMOVED >> You're doing it wrong, I have my PC connected to a 24" monitor on my desk AND my 42" TV so I can sit back on the couch with a controller. Wireless keyboard with track pad for movies, youtube and every other task from the comfort of my couch... For me it's an all-in-one tool. Playing Arkham Origins at 1080p - 60fps and boy does it look good, can't wait for this one too. PC's can do anything consoles can, but far better.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> While I'm sure that works great for you, it sounds like wristbreaker has the PC set up in a home office environment away from the typical living room entertainment system. Different priorities for the PC.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I'll raise you my top of the line reference panel 60" plasma tv that will DESTROY your LED in terms of color depth, black levels, and contrast. Enjoy your sub-par visual experience.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> pc fanboys are getting worst then console fanboys, i remember years ago when i just played the fucking game, now this "Gamers" just talk about the graphics, i never saw this guys talking about the game itself, "oh look at these textures on the wall so sexy hmm yeah", nothing against pc gamers trough, i just hate each one of these fanboys.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> cool for you....ill be having fun anyway on my xone!!!

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> You don't sound like an arrogant asshat at all or give PC gamers a bad name in the least... >.>

Clearly wristbreaker's PC is more for work than entertainment and given that there are children in the house the TV probably doesn't need to be tied up in business for one person while everyone else waits for work to wrap up. The issue wasn't which one would look better hooked up to a large tv but what works better for that particular family.

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Avatar image for OJ_the_LION

I'm dying to play this. I hope my PC can run it, it was able to run Arkham City at 50-60fps at 1080p so I'm hoping it can manage 30 on this, but I have doubts.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> You should look into upgrading your system this black November, or else your comp will be squashed by all the other amazing titles coming out 2015. (Witcher 3, possible metal gear solid 5!!)

Avatar image for g1rldraco7

I'm glad Rocksteady is back at the helm.

Avatar image for Link3301

"literally full of graphics." That sounds like from an old Nintendo or Sega commercial.

Avatar image for mikz_nyc

<< LINK REMOVED >> haha.."full of graphics"..more like "full of themselves"..j/k

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<< LINK REMOVED >> 'full of graphics' means that this game has no sound!! :P