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Batman: Arkham Collection Is Only $7 Right Now

Gotham's Dark Knight shines in this amazing trilogy of games.


Fanatical has a lot of great bundle deals right now, but one of the best bargains will take you back to Gotham City. Batman: Arkham Collection is currently on sale for only $7.19. It collects all three of Rocksteady's Arkham titles, including every piece of DLC, in one great package. This deal is only available for the next week (ends July 13), so snag it while you can.

For Batman: Arkham Asylum, you get its Game of the Year Edition which throws in four extra challenge maps. It's not much, but the original game still holds up well in case you feel like revisiting this classic. The beefy GOTY version of Batman: Arkham City includes more content, and you'll be able to crack a few skulls in more challenge maps and a Robin-centric DLC. A more fine-tuned experience when compared to Arkham Asylum, Arkham City is a bigger game that dials up the action and has a shocking ending.

Batman: Arkham Knight is where the real value for money lies, as Fanatical is offering the Premium Edition in this bundle. That includes the base game, all of the extra DLC story missions featuring the Bat-Family in action, extra costumes, dozens of bonus challenge missions, and the chunky Season of Infamy expansion.

That's a lot of extra content for an excellent game that is still as much fun to play in 2023 as it was back in 2015. With modern advances in PC hardware, it pretty much looks like a modern title in action.

It's worth noting that for Steam Deck users, Valve currently lists Arkham Asylum and Knight as unsupported, while Arkham City is playable2. However, there are workarounds for these issues with the help of desktop mode and Proton GE.

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