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Batman: Arkham City adding Harley Quinn DLC - Report

Leaked trophy listing points to forthcoming add-on content focusing on Joker sidekick, including Robin as playable character.


Downloadable content surrounding the nefarious Harley Quinn is headed to Batman: Arkham City, according to an updated trophy listing from

Is Harley Quinn the focus of Arkham City's next DLC?
Is Harley Quinn the focus of Arkham City's next DLC?

The site lists 10 new Harley Quinn DLC trophies for last year's Caped Crusader entry that appear to be for story-driven content, as opposed to simply additional challenge rooms. Some of the challenges task players with defusing bombs, finding a way into a secret base, and zip-kicking thugs.

Additionally, one of the trophies unlocks after players use five different quickfire gadgets as Robin, pointing to the Boy Wonder being a playable character in the content.

Previously released Arkham City add-on content includes the Catwoman Bundle Pack, the Robin Bundle Pack, the Nightwing Bundle Pack, and the Challenge Map Pack.

Batman: Arkham City was developed by Rocksteady Studios and shipped for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 18, with a PC version following on November 22. The game received a strong critical reception and shipped 6 million units.

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