Bastion landing on PC August 16

Supergiant Games' downloadable role-playing title arriving on Steam in under two weeks.


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Bastion made a strong critical splash on Xbox Live Arcade when it arrived on July 20 as the year's first Summer of Arcade game. Soon, PC gamers will have a chance to check out the title, as Supergiant Games has dated Bastion for August 16 on that platform.

Bastion hits the PC the Tuesday after next.
Bastion hits the PC the Tuesday after next.

Initially, Bastion for the PC will be available only on Valve's digital distribution warehouse Steam. Its availability will expand later in the month when the game is released on other PC download hubs.

Like its Xbox Live Arcade counterpart, Bastion for the PC will cost $15. On Steam, the DRM-free game will leverage the service's Steamworks functionality, support cloud saves, and let gamers track their progress via leaderboards and achievement records.

As for the game, Bastion relies heavily on storytelling, offering dozens of levels that gamers explore to uncover the origins of Calamity, a civilization-destroying event. For more on the title, check out GameSpot's review of the XBLA iteration of Bastion.

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