Barlog working on Mad Max game

God of War II director officially confirms his next project will be based on the franchise in a partnership with writer-director George Miller.


Cory Barlog quit Sony Computer Entertainment America in November 2007, and when asked about his reasons for leaving midway through the God of War III project, would only say, "For me, the whole departure from Sony was not exactly the ideal route that I wanted to go, but in the end I think it is the absolute best thing I could ever have done."

Back in January, Barlog also said that he was working on several projects, although he wasn't allowed to talk about any of them at that point.

Now it appears that the man is ready to talk, as he's told N'Gai Croal over at Newsweek that he's working alongside George Miller (the Australian director of the Mad Max movies and also, oddly, Happy Feet) on a Mad Max game for undisclosed platforms.

The game will be based on Mad Max: Fury Road, which Miller had been working on in 2003 before the war in Iraq meant the project was put on hold--due to a variety of reasons, including the American dollar "crashing" against the Aussie dollar. Now, the plan is to release the movie alongside the game--which will not star the original Mad Max, Mel Gibson. There aren't many details of the game as yet, except that it will feature vehicles, melee weapons, and projectile weapons.

Miller also told Newsweek that he's been approached many times in the past to make a Mad Max game but had resisted. He said, "For as many years as I can remember, we've been asked to make games of the Mad Max story. I mean, we've been approached by every major game company or developer virtually, asking 'Can we do a Mad Max game?' And to me, it always felt like what I used to call empty calorie action...which is just action for its own sake without anything underneath it."

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