Bandai Namco Teasing New Game -- "Can You Feel the Hunger?"

"Teamwork will show us the way."


Dark Souls and Pac-Man publisher Bandai Namco has launched a teaser website for a new game.

In a tweet referencing the teaser site, the publisher wrote: "Can you feel the hunger?" The company also used the hashtag #MysteriousGame, which is featured on the teaser website itself.

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The website,, features a countdown clock that ends this coming Monday, December 21. There's an assortment of shapes also displayed on the page, along with some crackling sounds. BNE is likely a reference to Bandai Namco Entertainment.

If you stay long enough, you'll see a message written in Spanish. It roughly translates to, "Teamwork will show us the way," according to Google.

A line from the website's source code reads: "Find the clues, share them with your friends and discover the mysterious game."

We'll have more details on this game, whatever it turns out to be, as they become available. What clues can you find on the teaser website? Let us know in the comments below!

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