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Bandai Namco Revives Popular Tamagotchi Connection Virtual Pets For 20th Anniversary

Tamagotchi Connection virtual pets are back and cuter than ever.


Though Bandai Namco releases new Tamagotchi devices fairly regularly these days, its next major release is a blast from the past. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Tamagotchi Connection, a refreshed set of the multiplayer-focused virtual pets is set to release on July 9. Not only will you be able to raise you pixelated pet, but they will be able venture out into the world to mingle with other little aliens who also happen to be trapped inside keychain devices. Four different color variants are available to preorder now for $30 each. Alternatively, you can preorder a two-pack for $58 to ensure your little guy makes friends and maybe even finds love. Just please don't forget to feed your digital pet this time.

Tamagotchi Connection
Tamagotchi Connection

Tamagotchi Connection - $30 each

While you might be familiar with the original Tamagotchi released in 1997 in the US, the Tamagotchi Connection was a serious upgrade in comparison to when they debuted in 2004. Along with brand-new designs for the digital critters, the big draw here was the infrared "connection" that could be used to link up with friends. Once a connection was established, you could play games, exchange gifts, and even breed your Tamagotchi after they became married to each other. What a wild time, the early 2000s were.

All of those original features have been retained for this new line of Tamagotchi Connection toys, and these eggs also allow you to meet more than 50 characters, play more games, and earn Gotchi Points to spend on food and other items, as part of the new extras being introduced here. You can even find passwords to unlock special items.

If that's not enough Tamagotchi for you, then check out this new line of Hello Kitty Tamagotchis.

Available for $20 on July 9 in red and blue shell designs, these cute accessories come with a clasping carrying chain and batteries.

There are plenty of other themed Tamagotchis you can buy, and many of them are discounted at Amazon.

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